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Asked: 4 years ago

Unlocking Nu-13?

I was told that to unlock Nu-13, I have to beat Lambda in Score Attack mode. How many characters do I have to beat before getting to her?

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From: FireMage7777 4 years ago

Nu-13 is Unlimited Lambda. You can achieve this one of three ways. Beat Score Attack with Lambda, buy the Unlimited Lambda DLC on PSN for 60 cents, or buy the All Unlimited Characters (total of 15 characters) for 6 bucks.

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No, to unlock Nu, you need to beat all of Score Attack with Lambda.

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Nu-13 comes as the unlimited form of Lambda. Unfortunately, you're going to have to defeat everyone in Score Attack to unlock her, this means defeating the Unlimited forms of Hakumen, Hazama, Ragna and Rachel as well as the normal versions of the rest of the cast.

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