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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Is Story Mode affected by the difficulty setting of the game? 8

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
How to unlock Hakumen's Story? 3

Other Help Answers
A good macro emulation for challenge mode? Or a method of how to make one. 0
DLC for European version? 2
DLC tracks? 1
How do i get the cartoon short "Teach me Miss Litchi"?. 1
How to Unlock Platinum? 1
Im not geting my trophys? 4
What do people mean when they say "2C"? 1
Where can I watch intense matches? 1
Will Continuum Shift get the a portable version like Calamity Trigger did? 4
Will we get a DLC bundle? 1
"Help Me! Professor Kokonoe"? 2
About the blazblue CS fight stick? 1
Add-on trophies? 1
Any news as to when Platinum is going to be released? 1
Are there easier ways to do an astral heat? 2
bought Makoto and Valkenhayn dlc's but can't use them? 2
Can this version of BlazBlue fight with gamers who have the copy of calamity trigger? 5
Clear Endings? 2
Does this game has English Voice acting? 1
Downloadable content? 4
How do I change my fighter's color scheme? 2
How do i unlock Valkenhayne? 1
How do you create functions? 1
How do you unlock Teach Me Ms. Litchi Reloaded Episode 5? 1
How many battles for Score Attack Mode? 1
How many characters are being added in Continuum Shift? 5
Is there any way...? 1
Mint Condition Trophy, What are the conditions? 1
Mu 12 won't unlock, what am I doing wrong? 4
New Songs & Stages? 1
Real box image? 1
She/him/misster the final one? 1
The last 3 trophy's with the plus symbols? 2
Themes? 1
Training mode glitched? 1
Unlimited Distortions? 1
Unlimited Noel and Unlimited MU-12? 2
Unlocking Nu-13? 3
What do i have to do to use valkhenhayne? 1
When does Platinum the trinity come out and when shes out what do you have to do to unlock her? 1
When will the game come out in Canada? 1
When's Platinum The Trinity going to be in the EU store? 1
Will I need it? 1

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