Achievement Guide by Brigg_of_Eden

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 07/29/11 | Printable Version

		BlazBlue: Continuum Shift
	       Achievement Grinding Guide!
		    By: Brigg_of_Eden
		      Version: 1.6


	Section 1 - Tutorial Mode
	Section 2 - Arcade Mode
	Section 3 - Versus Mode
		3.0 - Intro
		3.1 - Character Specific Achievements
		3.2 - Achievements you should have by now if you
		      followed this guide to the letter up to
		      this point.
		3.3 - Other Achievements to grind out in Versus
	Section 4 - Score Attack Mode
	Section 5 - Training Mode
	Section 6 - Challenge Mode ***UPDATED 1.6***
	Section 7 - Legion Mode
	Section 8 - Story Mode
	Section 9 - Gallery Mode
       Section 10 - Replay Mode
       Section 11 - Network Mode
       Section 12 - DLC Achievements
	       12.1 - Makoto Nanaya
	       12.2 - Valkenhyn R. Hellsing
	       12.3 - Platinum the Trinity


Well, here I go again with another FAQ for BlazBlue: Continuum
Shift. This time, I'll be helping guide you to a higher XBOX
360 Gamerscore by showing you tips and tricks on grinding away
at the Achievements.

UPDATE: I finally got 100% Completion of the game, all
achievements unlocked! Woo!

I'll be listing the Achievements in a somewhat different order.
I'll be starting at the top of the Main Menu and working down.
meaning I'll be starting with the "Tutorial" Mode and working
all the way down to "XBOX Live Marketplace" (For all the DLC
Achievements for now and in the future).

Some Achievements are pretty easy, while others are DOWNRIGHT
FRUSTRATING! But keep at it and you'll be on your way toward
another 1250 Gamerscore in no time!

(Side note: I WILL revise this later once I find out the
Bronze/silver/Gold specifics of the "Trophy" info for the PS3.
I also intend on making other revisions as I obtain more of the

So let's get to it!

------------------------THE ACHIEVEMENTS------------------------

Section 1 - Tutorial

"Ragna Cum Laude" - (20G)

Description: Finish all your homework
Translation: What the game is asking you to do is to clear the
	     "Beginner", "Intermediate", and "Advanced" sections
	     of the Turtorial Mode. There's no need to go into
	     The "Strategies" section to get this achievement.

If you want to listen to Rachel's verbose insults for a good
laugh, feel free to take your time and hear her out. Otherwise
you can just blur through the text and just follow the
instructions when you're prompted to move. Granted, it can get
a little obnoxious during the Intermediate and Advanced Tutorial
because they throw some pretty ridiculous things in there to do
in order to proceed through the tutorial. If you just blur through
the text and do the exercises, you could have this 20G within
a half and hour to 45 minutes.

Section 2 - Arcade Mode
"Well, It's Something To Do..." (30G)

Description: Hold your own against Unlimited Hazama

While I'm aware you can also do this in Score Attack Mode, I must
feel the need to express my opinion that the people who created
the concept of Score Attack Mode can go dance barefoot under a
holly tree in the fall.

Anyway, Unlimited Hazama is a nightmarish opponent. I don't play
him regularly, so I don't know all the SPECIFIC changes. The only
thing you need to know is that the ring of symbols that surrounds
him saps your health and gives it to him. This makes him a tried
and true pain in the can to defeat.

The easiest way to bag this achievement is to go into the options
and set the Arcade difficulty to beginner, 1 Round to Win, and 30
Seconds per round. Then, pick any Non-Hazama character and charge
through the 10 stages of Arcade Mode. Hazama shouldn't be too
hard to take down, but if you're having difficulty, just get in
some good shots and play keep-away until the timer runs out.
"Tall, Dark, and Handsome" (30G)

Description: Put Unlimited Ragna in his place

Follow the tip I used above for defeating Unlimited Hazama.
Except this time, when you go into Arcade Mode, choose Hazama.
His final Arcade Mode battle is against Unlimited Ragna. Just
Use your Standing D to keep the beast at a distance until the
timer runs out. BING! 30 more Gamerscore!

If you're feeling lucky, you can combine two achievement attempts
in one runthrough of Arcade Mode. (See Below)
"Hell Yes" (40G)

Description: Completed Arcade Mode on "Hell" difficulty setting.

Keep the "1 Round, 30 Second" Setting from the above tips, just
change the difficulty to "Hell" and prepare for some tough fights.

For those of you who are better with Hazama than I am, (Practically
all of creation, that is) I recommend attempting this achievement
with Hazama so you don't have to deal with his unlimited form at
the end of the 10 stages. Even on Hell difficulty, Unlimited Ragna
is a little more managable with Hazama's ranged attacks at your
beck and call.

It may take a few tries, but with the 30 second time limit, all you
need is a good series of hits in and quick enough reflexes to stay
away until the timer runs out. Good luck with this one.
Section 3 - Versus Mode
Intro to this part: While I'm fully aware that there are no specific
achievements for versus mode, many, many, MANY of the specific
character-related achievements are most easily ground out in versus
mode with help from a vacant second controller.

I will be using the phrase "IB-HEAT" throughout this section of
the guide. When I say "IB-HEAT", it means to use the second
controller to throw out light jabs while you use the first
controller to perform an "Instant Block" to build your Heat
Gauge. Many of the following achievements will require you to
"IB-HEAT" your gauge to the max in order to pull it off.

For each achievement listed, I will also provide the game options
I had the versus matches set to (e.g. 1 Round, Infinite time)

Versus Mode is, indeed, the one mode that you WILL use to grind out
most of this game's achievements. So without further ado...
Section 3.1 - Character-Specific Achievements

"Well, it's not!" (20G)

Description: Land Ragna's "Not Over Yet" 3 times during a match.
   Settings: 1 Round, Infinite Time

The command for the move is 22C, but it can only hit an opponent
who is downed. Use Ragna's 2D to get the opponent on the ground
then immediately follow it up with 22C.

After you've done this, IB-HEAT to 100% and finish the opponent
off with your Astral Heat. You'll know why later on...
"Ice-Ten" (20G)

Description: Using Jin, freeze your opponent more than 10 times
	     during a match.
   Settings: 1 Round, Infinite Time

Simply pick Jin and use standing *D* 10 times on your lifeless
achievement dummy. BING! 20G!

Oh, and make sure you IB-HEAT to 100% and finish with an Astral!
Don't ask questions, just do it!
"Are You There God? It's Me, Noel." (20G)

Description: Using Noel, hit the opponent with her "Silencer"
	     more than 10 times during a match.
   Settings: 1 Round, Infinite Time

The command for the move is 22B (On a downed opponent), and you
have the liberty of mashing B for more hits! Knock the second
player down with 6D, then immediately push 22BBBBBBBBB. Two sets
of these should net you the achievement.

By the way, it would be in your best interest to IB-HEAT to 100%
and finish the round with her Astral.
"Twirling Toward Freedom" (20G)

Description: Land Rachel's 6C attack more than 30 times during a
   Settings: 1 Round, Infinite Time

Simply walk toward the opponent while mashing the C button. However,
if you want to get fancy, try launching the dummy with 6A, then
twirl forward with 6C and while twirling press 8D or 9D. If you
do it right, you'll launch high into the air, still spinning and
hitting the dummy. Keep yourself afloat with your wind to see how
many hits you can amass (My record is 62!)

Don't get too overzealous with your twirling, though. You still have
to IB-HEAT to 100% and finish with an Astral Heat!
"1.21 Gigawatts!" (20G)

Description: Using Tager, land "Spark Bolt" more than 5 times during
	     a match.
   Settings: 1 Round, Infinite Time

The command for Spark Bolt is 41236D and the command to charge it is
421B, simply let your dummy opponent eat five of those glowy yellow
projectiles and you're up 20 more G!

And you WILL IB-HEAT to 100% and you WILL finish with his Astral!
Or Tager will find you in your sleep!
"Taut Taunts"

Description: Using Taokaka, land 5 taunts over the course
	     of a match.
   Settings: 1 Round, Infinite time

Choose Taokaka and taunt your opponent at breath-smellingly close
range. Repeat 4 more times for 20G!

Why do I have to even explain this one? Oh yeah! It's so I can
remind you to IB-HEAT to 100% and finish the round with her Astral!
You owe Tao lunch if you dont!
"Four Sheets to the Wind" (20G)

Description: Using Litchi, land "Four Winds" more than 4 times
	     during the course of a match.
   Settings: 1 Round, Infinite time

Choose Litchi and place her staff next to the 2-player dummy with
*D*. Then, to execute "Four Winds", go 41236D. Land it three more
times for the achievement.

For the sake of continuity, IB-HEAT to 100% and finish the round
with her Astral Heat.
"BEES!" (20G)

Description: Using Arakune, land a 70-hit Combo.
   Settings: 1 Round, Infinite time

Before you ask, No, this cannot be done in training. Also,
contrary to the NAME of the achievement, you don't have to
have the opponent cursed to execute the 70-hit combo.

Start by IB-HEATing to 100%. Then, grab the 2-player dummy and
perform a throw. During the throw, input the 236236, and when the
dummy is thrown, hit the *C* for the F-inverse Distortion Drive.
When the Distortion Drive animation is about to end, input the
command again, but facing the other direction. (as if to be
214214C). If timed properly, the second F-inverse SHOULD execute
while the dummy is still in the air, netting you a 72-hit combo
and the subsequent 20G achievement.

Next, IB-Heat to 100% again and finish up with his Astral Heat.
"Loincloth Festival" (20G)

Description: Using Bang, land a total of 3 Astral Heats
   Settings: 1 Round, Infinite time.

This one is a tad tedious since you have to go through, at a
minimum, 3 matches. I say "at a minimum" because if you miss
with the Astral Heat, you have to end the match due to a lack
of "Burst Icon" to attempt the Astral again.

To do this with a dummy, Pick Tager as the target. He is big
enough to where you will not have to "Force" the dummy to jump
into the Astral.

IB-HEAT to 100% and beat up Tager to where you can perform the
Astral Heat. Now, the motion for the Astral is a bit tricky,
especially if you're using a standard XBOX360 controller:

6321463214D (In Midair Only)

The easiest way to pull this off is to, instead, do a 720-degree
motion, clockwise. (Counter-clockwise if you are on the right)
The game still registers this as the proper motion. So, to give
yourself TIME to execute the motion in mid-air, stand next to
Tager and do a high jump, followed by another mid-air jump. At
the peak of those jumps, execute the 720-degree motion and hit
*D*. Timed properly, Bang SHOULD put the nail right into Tager's
face or shoulders. Enjoy the silly animation and Pants-less Bang.

Repeat this 2 more times for the Achievement and 20G.

Lastly, IB-HEAT to 100% and fini......

...My bad...force of habit....
"The Clap" (20G)

***UPDATED*** I said before to finish the combo with a "Gold
Break Burst". For the sake of finishing the round with an Astral
Heat, I'm going to recant that statement. Use the GBB only if
you really want to. Any other kinds of hits at the end of the
following combo will work just fine.

Description: Using Carl, keep an opponent airborne for more than
	     7 Seconds.
   Settings: 5 Rounds, Infinite Time (It may take several tries)

GOOD FREAKING GRAVY! This one was a pain! After trying several
combinations of moves, your best bet is as follows:

First Pick Tager as the dummy again, then IB-Heat to 100%. Back
Tager into the corner, mash Carl right up against him, and have
Nirvana squeezed in on the outside.

Perform Carl's 2C to launch Tager, then immediately do "The Clap
Move" (release *D* while holding 8) Make sure you input this
quickly, you do NOT want Carl to jump. As soon as the clap hits,
perform the "Laetabilis Cantata" 632146C. (The "Gear" DD) Tager's
sheer mass should get caught in the attack even though the gear
won't be seen on the screen. As soon as you have control of Carl
again, perform the DD Again, 632146C. For good measure find any
other type of hit to keep the dummy in the air, preferrably
another clap or even a "Gold Break Burst"

So, in summation it's:

2C -> (D)8(release) -> 632146C -> 632146C -> (Any other hit or 2)

This may take a couple of tries, but once you have it, do be sure
to IB-HEAT to 100% again and finish off the target with Carl's
Astral Heat. (That's is, if you still have a burst icon)
"You're Already Dead" (20G)

Description: Using Haku-Men, dish out 10,000 damage in a single
   Settings: 1 Round, Infinite time

You can't use his Astral for this because it doesn't count as a

Pick tager as your Dummy again for this, by the way.

The first thing you want to do is IB-HEAT to 8 Magatama. Then, to
make your dummy take more damage, we're going to FORCE the 
"Negative state" onto your dummy! Use your dummy to knock Hakumen
around a little, then have your dummy retreat from you while you
advance on it. Make sure that there is actual movement from one
end of the field to the other or the Negative State won't trigger.

Once your dummy is covered in the Red Aura of Negative State, back
them off into the corner, then move to about center-screen. Next,
perform, "Infinity" (214214B). With your new Infinite Magatama
state, perform the "Shippuu" Distortion Drive (632146C) and charge
it to the Max. This one hit alone will tear through the first 9000
damage of the combo! Finish the combo with "Zantetsu" (41236C)

So it's: 214214B -> 632146C (Full Charge) -> 41236C

There you have it! 3 Hits, 10,000+ damage, 20G!

Since Tager can't die from this one Combo alone, I think you should
IB-HEAT to 100% again and finish him off with the Astral Heat!

------------------*READER-SUBMITTED STRATEGY!*---------------------

This was submitted by Zechariah De Silva. This is directly copy-
pasted from the E-mail he sent me:

"Simply put your opponent in negative state and the no barrier
state (always forget the actual term) this puts them at 3x normal
damage and will make a single shippu do 12375 damage.

Hope this helps some people,

The "No Barrier" state he's referring to is when the opponent's
"Barrier" gauge is empty and reads "Danger". It is not referring
to Guard Crush.

Thank you Z!
"Lamb to the Slaughter" (20G)

Description: Using Lambda, land a 50-Hit Combo.
   Settings: 1 Round, Infinite Time

Pick Tager as your dummy again.

"Legacy Edge" is your friend for this one! (236236D). First, IB-HEAT
to 100%, then back Tager off into the corner and stand just to the
the right of the "Half-screen" position. Perform "Legacy Edge". Then
when the Combo counter is in the Double-Digits, perform the "Legacy
Edge" again. At the end of the DD animation, tag Tager with your 6C
or multiple hits from your 5C. As long as the numbers in the combo
counter stay red up through 50, you've got this achievement.

236236D -> 236236D -> 6C

Then, IB-HEAT to 100% know why...(Astral Finish)
"For Great Justice" (20G)

Description: Using Tsubaki, use the *D* version of every single
	     special attack in a single combo.
   Settings: 3 Rounds, Infinite Time. (This may take multiple tries)

My humble opinion of this achievement is "huwfgjsdkfhuwehbfkwj

Anyway, seriously. Pick any character as your dummy, (I used Ragna)
For the stage, Yes, the stage, pick Jin's stage, "Symbolic 
Domination - Cathedral" (It's two stages to the right of "Circus"
on the stage select Menu) You will be using a landmark in the
background in order to execute the combo to where you will get
the achievement.

To tackle this frustrating endeavor, You will need to do two things:

1. IB-HEAT to 50%
2. Fill your "Install" gauge to 5

Move the characters on the screen to where both you and your
dummy are standing in front of the bluish pillar on the right
side from the center of the stage. This is very important seeing
as you need your dummy to wind up in the corner in the middle
of the combo.

Next, stand next to your dummy and perform the "Macto Maledictus"
(214214D) This move allows her infinite use of the *D* versions
of her specials for as long as your Install Gauge lasts.

Now that you have unlimited use of the *D* Specials, you now have
to perform all 6 of her special attacks, one after the other in
this order:

623D ->			(The Uppercut to Launch)
236D (In Air) ->	(The Wings)
214D (In Air) ->	(The Dive)
236D -> 		(The Charge Forward)
214D ->			(The Backflipping Kick)
22D			(The...whatever you want to call it.)

The timing is very tight for these commands and it will probably
take you many many many attempts to pull this off. Remember, the
number in the combo counter MUST remain red throughout the
duration of the Combo. But look on the bright side: Once you do
it, you never have to do it again!

------------------*READER-SUBMITTED STRATEGY!*---------------------

Another strategy has been sent to be by ShimaKnight
This is quoted directly from the E-Mail I recieved.

Found an easier way to do that Tsubaki achievement
"For Great Justice"

Just move to the corner with the opponent (I used Jin) with 50%
and install gauge 5, use Macto Maledictus (214214D) and slightly
reorder the moves as:

623D -> 236D (air) -> 214D (air) -> 22D -> 214D -> 236D

You don't have to worry about the stage/positioning as much this

Shimaknight swapped the (22D) and the (236D) in the combo. I tried
this out and it also works! Thank you Shimaknight!

Once you finally pull it off, feel free to IB-HEAT to 100% and
finish with an Astral.
"Beachball!" (20G)

Description: Using Hazama, keep an opponent airborne for more
	     than 7 seconds.
   Settings: 1 Round, Infinite time

IB-HEAT to 100% and perform Hazama's Astral Heat...


No, I'm serious...Performing Hazama's Astral Heat counts as sending
the opponent airborne and keeping them there for the allotted time.
"Murakumo AWAKEN!" (20G)

Description: Select Mu

Yup...That's it. Just Select her for your free 20G.

The only thing I can really mention is that you have to Unlock her
first by going through Story Mode. Or you could just buy her
unlock on the Marketplace. But I say, save your money.
Section 3.2 - Achievements you should have by now if you followed
	      this guide to the letter up to this point.

"I Get Around" (10G)

Description: Use every single character.

This achievement only applies to the first 14 playable characters.
You do not need Mu or any DLC characters to get this.
"They Call Me MISTER Tiddles!" (10G)

Description: Use an Astral Heat for the very first time

As it says, just use any Astral Heat for 10G! This can only be
obtained in an actual match.
"Real Ultimate Power" (20G)

Description: Used every character's Astral Heat.

Yes, this is why I was recommending you finish all those previous
rounds with an Astral Heat. Because now, any of them that you didn't
do, you're going to have to go back into versus mode and do. I was
only trying to save you the trouble by requesting you do the Astrals
along the way. ^_^
"Don't Touch the Merchandise" (10G)

Description: Instant Block more than 20 times in one round.

IB-HEATing as much as you have been doing, you SHOULD have this
by now.
Section 3.3 - Other Achievements to grind out in Versus Mode

At this point, you want to go into the game options and set the
Versus Options to "5 Rounds to Win, 99 seconds per round" All of
the following achievements can be pulled off over the course of
a single match. Talk about efficiency, right?

You will select Ragna and make the Dummy Lambda-11

In Round 1, we'll tackle the following achievements:
"M.C. Hammer" (10G)
Description: Escape 5 throws in one round.

"It'll Only Hurt for a Minute" (10G)
Description: Your first Guard Crush

"The Better Part of Valor" (10G)
Description: Do not take damage for 20 Seconds while in Negative
	     State and win the round.
3 Achievements in one round, let's do this.

Start by setting Player 1's RB Button and Player 2's LB Button
to be (B+C) Throw button. Also, set Player 2's LT to be her *D*
attack. I'll explain that in a bit.

For the "M.C. Hammer" simply have the two stand next to each other
and have Lambda execute her throw. Immediately push Ragna's throw
to perform the escape. Repeat 4 more times for 10G.

Next. Use the 2P controller to have Lambda guard. Hit her with
Ragna's 2D to wipe away her Guard Primers real fast. 5 of those
babies will net you 10 more G for your first guard crush!

Lastly, show Lambda a bit of aggression. Dish out some damage to
her. Then, begin to back away slowly. Use the 2P Controller to
have Lambda walk slowly toward you as well. If you're backed up
against a wall, jump over her and continue to retreat. Keep this
up until you fall into Negative State. Then, simply let the timer
run out to recieve "The Better Part of Valor," for another 10G!

Finally, to wrap up the Versus Mode Achievement grinding, we're
going to use the last eight rounds getting these achievements:
"Hold On Loosely"

Description: Cause more than 30 Throw Reject Misses.

This is why I told you to make the 2P LT Button to be Lambda's
Drive attack. Allow me to explain.

A "Throw Reject Miss" occurs when both players attempt a throw
during a Counter Hit. The Throw is marked by the 2 purple (!!)
AND and big red X.

To force these "Throw Reject Misses" you will need Lambda and
Ragna standing next to each other. With Lambda's controller in
your left hand and Ragna's in your right, perform the following

Lambda: *D* (Sword will appear, but MISS Ragna)
 Ragna: *A* (A jab for the counter hit)
Then, just as quickly, press BOTH the LB for Lambda AND the RB
for Ragna at the same time. (Both execute the Throw Command)

If done properly, Ragna should smack Lambda slightly, then go into
a throw marked by the Purple "!!" and the red "X". You will also
see "Throw Reject Miss" on Lambda's side of the screen.

This will take several rounds to get to 30 "TRM"'s, but once you
get the hang of it, you'll have them in no time. Also, try to
utilize all 9 rounds. As in, get your Throw Reject Misses in
until Lambda is at low health, then let Lambda win. That being
said, while you go for this achievement, do be sure to get the
next two, also...
"You Broke My Heart!" (10G)

Description: Finish an opponent immediately after a Normal (Gold)
	     Break Burst.

While you're going for your Throw Reject Misses, take the time to
divert for a moment to snag this achievement as well. After you
throw Lambda enough to where her health is really low (like, a
sliver of health left) back her off into a corner. Then, perform
a Gold Break Burst (A+B+C+D) This will launch her. As Lambda
falls from being launched, tag her with standing A or B to
finish her for the round. Another 10G for you.
"Fatality" (10G)

Description: Land over 30 Fatal Counters

Use the same positioning as your TRM setup. Except this time, when
you have Lambda use her *D* attack, have Ragna counter with his 2C
attack. Ragna's 2C always results in a "Fatal Counter hit". How you
get Ragna to stay crouching while trying to hit 2 buttons on two
controllers is up to you. (I used my foot ^_^)

Section 4 - Score Attack Mode

Updated personal note: I've learned to tolerate this mode. Read on.
"Score!" (40G)

Description: Beat Score Attack mode.

Gee, Aksys Games! You make it sound so EASY!


Score Attack pits you against all 14 characters from the default
character roster, in this order (I think, I'm trying to go from

Bang Shishigami
Iron Tager
Carl Clover
Noel Vermillion
Litchi Faye Ling
Jin Kisaragi
Tsubaki Yayoi
*Unlimited* Hakumen
*Unlimited* Hazama
*Unlimited* Ragna the Bloodedge
*Unlimited Rachel Alucard

The AI on these computer opponents is harder than that of "Hell"
difficulty. And if you lose one match, there is NO CONTINUING!
Sounds like the hardest task of your life....


I heard through the grapevine that to aleviate the tedious task
of slogging through Score Attack from square one if you lose,
There's a handy trick that will save you time and effort!

Using a second controller, press the "Start" button if you are
about to lose the match. This will interrupt your session of
Score attack for the old "Here Comes a New Challenger". Then
beat up on the 2P Dummy (Set *Versus* to 1 round, 30 seconds
in the options before you attempt Score Attack to save yourself
time if you have to resort to this.)

I did this with BOTH Calamity Trigger and Continuum Shift and for
both games it worked like a charm. Sure, you still have to WIN
against the harder-than "Hell", AI. And this could make the whole
process even more time-consuming than trying to get it in one
straight run. But this trick will assure you your victory over
Score Attack in time.

Also, since Unlimited Rachel is the LAST opponent in Score Attack
this time around, you get both this achievement AND the next one
at the same time

Good Luck!
"Blood on Your hands" (30G)

Description: Defeat Unlimited Rachel

Yes, unlike the achievements for unlimited Hazama or Unlimited
Ragna, this one HAS TO BE DONE in Score Attack Mode. some of her
Unlimited factors include:

1. Her Sylpheed Gauge charges twice as fast.
2. She has an overall Damage increase.
3. George XIII stays after shocking you until you hit it hard.
4. She fires 3 Tiny Lobellas per shot.
5. More stuff flies across the screen during Tempest Dahlia
6. She builds heat very quickly!

First off, if you can survive Score Attack long enough to get to
her, congrats. And if you manage to defeat her, you deserve even
more praise. I wish I could provide tips on how to best Unlimited
Rachel. But like I say for all tasks like this, just bring your
best game into the ring.

***UPDATE*** Referring to my update above, she is the LAST
opponent on the Score Attack Roster.
Section 5 - Training Mode

"I Can Do This All Night!" (20G)

Description: Practiced for over one hour straight.

The description explains it all. You know that character that you
wanted to learn how to play but stopped bothering to try? (For me
it was Carl). Well, now's the time to go in and practice.

Practice, practice, practice until BING! Achievement.

If you don't have the patience or want to do something else, you
can try to just leave the controller alone, leaning something on
the analog stick to keep the character moving.
Section 6 - Challenge Mode

Ah, Challenge mode, how I hate thee. >.<

*UPDATE!!!* The "% Clear" indicator in the upper right corner of
the character select screen will only increase when you clear
challenges for NON-DLC characters. This is important to know if
you are going for the "Mint Condition" achievement since you need
a total of 50% clear in Challenge mode as a requirement to get the
achievement. (See Section 9: Gallery Mode)

However, the % clear indicator does not effect the following
achievement. Read Below.

"Superior State of Mind" (20G)

Description: Beat more than 100 challenges.

In my personal opinion, this is WAY TOO MUCH work for a measly
20G. This is by far, the single-most tedious and frustrating
achievement in the entire game. Quite possibly moreso than trying
to clear Score Attack.

All you need is a LOT of time and a LOT of patience to get through
these life-draining combos.

However, take solace in the fact that with 14 default characters,
1 Unlock-through-play character (Mu-12), and three DLC Characters
(Makoto, Valkenhayn and Platinum) The total character count is 18.
Do the math, and this achievement is equal to "Complete at least
5 or 6 challenges with each character".

Additionally, (And fortunately) with System version 1.3, a lot
of challenges had to be changed because certain characters'
mechanicas are now different. (Tager's was very noticable.) Many
of these changes have actually made Challenge mode much more

Section 7 - Legion Mode

"Napoleon Bonaparte" (10G)
Description: Conquer the map on Easy.
"Alexander the Great" (20G)
Description: Conquer the map on Normal.
"Genghis Khan" (30G)
Description: Conquer the map on Hard.
For these three Achievements, please refer to my Legion Mode
Guide right here on GameFAQs!

That walkthrough will help you through this tough mode.
Section 8 - Story Mode

"Level One...!" (10G)

Description: Watch "Previously on..." and "Opening" in Story Mode

As soon as you select Story Mode for the first time, the game will
automatically show you the two parts of the story that are
required for the achievement. Just sit back and take in the great
"That's the End of That Chapter" (20G)

Description: View any character's canon ending in Story Mode.

This is asking you to see any one character's "True Ending". You'll
know it's the true ending if, after the final scene it says:

"(Character Name) (Story Title) END"

Story mode starts with only Ragna's story unlocked. Just go through
his story, winning every battle. Watch out though, after the first
battle, you're forced to make a choice. If you pick the second
choice, you'll go into Ragna's Gag ending. So pick the first choice
and win every battle. 20G right there!
"Is...Is That All?" (20G)

Description: Unlocked the True Ending in Story Mode.

When you complete everyone's canon ending in Story Mode, the true
ending becomes unlocked. This isn't as hard as it is time-consuming
just be sure to enjoy the story as you strive toward this.

There's a Full Story Mode Guide here on GameFAQS that was submitted
by Ouha-chan. You should just check that out. It's very helpful!
"All Good Things" (50G)

Description: finished the True Ending in Story Mode

Simply put, win every battle in the True Ending sequence. You will
be in control of multiple characters (Ragna, Hakumen and Jin) during
the True arc. Complete this final series of battles, and find your
gamerscore up by another 50!

On a side note, I liked the Calamity Trigger Achievement name
Section 9 - Gallery Mode
"Mint Condition" (40G)

Description: Collect all of the...collectibles.


This could take you a lot of time to do as there are many things
required to get every piece of art and every video.

The requirements are as follows:

1. Clear Arcade mode with every character
2. 100% complete all character's Story Modes
3. Get 20% and 50% of Challenge mode cleared \ >.<*/
4. Answer of all Teach Me Miss Litchi's questions in "Tips 2"

Be careful with that third requirement as challenges for DLC
characters do NOT add to the required "% Clear".

Sure it will take some time. Happy Hunting!
Section 10 - Replay Theatre
"Rear Window" (10G)

***UPDATE*** I derped when first writing this and forgot to
mention that this acheivement REQUIRES XBOX Live or PSN to get.

Description: Watched Replays of more than 20 different matches.

You can do this one of two ways:

1. Go onto the leaderboards and download other people's replays.
2. Save replays of matches you participate in.

But yes, Save replays. Save good replays, bad replays, funny
replays, Even that replay where you TOTALLY tagged that dude with
"King of Tager" and he didn't even see it coming! But save a total
of 20 replays. Then, back out of the Network, pop some popcorn,
sit back and watch. To get this done in half the time, tap the
RB to double the replay speed. It's good for a laugh, too.

After selecting the 20th replay, the achievement unlocks.
Happy viewing!
Section 11 - Network Mode

Note: The following achievements REQUIRE XBOX Live or PSN to get.

"Ding!" (10G)

Description: Reached D-Code level 25

Fight in Ranked or Player matches and win as often as you can. I
have no real strategy for this since you will run into a myriad
of REAL people with thier own play styles. When you level up to
25, you'll be up another 10G.
"Ding Ding!" (30G)

Description: Reached D-Code Level 50

It's just like "Ding!", only SIGNIFICANTLY MORE time consuming.
You're better off sticking to Ranked Matches from here on out since
player matches only provide 1/5th of the experience you would
have gotten for your victory.
"There Can Be Only One" (20G)

Description: Fought against every character.

You could just WAIT for this to happen, however, if you want the
20G quickly, set up a Player Match lobby and invite a friend in.
Have the two of you collaberate and agree to use each character
against each other until the both of you unlock the achievement.

You can also agree to grind other achievements from the Versus Mode
section of this guide.
"Aniki is Watching You" (10G)

Description: Observe more than 10 matches.

Go into a Player Match lobby with room for 4 or more or join as
a spectator. As you wait for your turn to come up, you'll be
watching the other people in the room duke it out. Heck, if you
really want to rush into this achievement, you can even skip
your turn. Either way, just watch ten matches and you'll have
this 10G!
"I'm on Top of the World!" (10G)

Description: Earn your first Player Match victory.

Players online pull no punches. Don't expect your first victory
on your first try. All you need is one win for this. Give it
your best.
"I Can Quit Any Time I Want!"

Description: Win more than 100 Player Matches.
Actually, it's: PLAY more than 100 Player Matches.

This achievement description, as is stated by the game itself, is
WRONG! You only have to PLAY the Player matches to secure the 30G
for this achievement.

"How do I know?" you ask? Well, I got this achievement after LOSING
a match. That's how I know. ^_^

So yes, PLAY, not WIN, 100 player matches. This should come easy
if you find a Player Match lobby full of cool people who like
to talk and be friendly. (Trust me, they exist)
"Two Men Enter. One Man Leaves" (10G)

Description: Earn your first Ranked Match victory

See: "I'm on Top of the World!", except apply the tip to Ranked
Match instead of Player Match.

No, I'm not getting lazy, I just don't feel the need to repeat
myself. ^_^
"Only the Hard, Only the Strong" (30G)

Description: Fight more than 100 Ranked Matches.

Thankfully, you only have to fight them. In Ranked Matches people
tend to be a lot more hardcore about winning since it affects
thier leaderboard ranks. But heck, you could just go into the
matches and stand there watching people wail on you with
impressive and practiced combos while you sit there and laugh about
them having had sat for hours on end practicing said combos while
you could secure a victory just as easily with a few heavy hits
and some Tager Busters. (At least that's what I do sometimes)

Anyway...where was I? Oh yeah. Fight 100 battles, get 30G!

Section 12 - Marketplace/DLC Achievements

These secret achievements are downloaded along with the unlock
for each DLC character.

Section 12.1 - Makoto Nanaya
"Oh Nuts" (10G)

Description: Select *Unlimited* Makoto

Just like Selecting Mu for her achievement. Unlimited Makoto comes
packaged with the character unlock. So this one's a simple 10G
"Fur and Loathing in Kagutsuchi" (30G)

Description: Using Makoto, Deal over 5,000 damage in a single combo.

Just like Hazama's "Beachball", all you have to do is perform
Makoto's Astral Heat during a match. It counts, try it!
"I Gnu It Was Ewe" (40G)

Description: Beat over 7 missions in Challenge Mode with Makoto.

I know I've already expressed my grievances with Challenge Mode. So
the only advice I can give is the same advice I already gave.
Practice and patience are your friend for this. Good luck.

On the bright side, this will put you closer to the 100 you need for
"Superior State of Mind".

Section 12.2 - Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

Update: Now that the blasted achievements actually work, turns
out there was a difference in the gamerscore earned for
"3-wolf Moon".

"3-Wolf Moon" (15G)

Description: Select *Unlimited* Valkenhayn

Just like with Makoto, simply select unlimited Valkenhayn. It
comes packaged with the unlock for the character.
"Battle Butler!" (30G)

Description: Using Valkenhayn, Deal over 5,000 damage in a combo.

Once again, just like Makoto's, perform Valkenhayn's Astral Heat
to nab this achievement.
"On Her Ladyship's Secret Service" (40G)

Description: Complete 7 missions in Challenge Mode with valkenhayn.
This was actually the LAST achievemnt I got. His challenge 7 had
me pulling my hair out. Good luck with this. My best tip is to
watch the sample plays and keep an eye out for timing issues
or any subtle commands that aren't on the list for the combo.
Section 12.3 - Platinum the Trinity

***UPDATE*** Woo! Finally!

"With our Powers Combined!" (15G)

Description: Select *Unlimited* Platinum

Here it is again. Just select the unlimited version of Platinum
for a quick 15G
"For Whom the Bell Tolls" (30G)

Description: Using Platinum, Deal over 5000 damage in a combo

Nope...can't do the Astral to bag this one. However...

The inspiration for the solution here ironically comes out of
Challenge Mode. Practice Platinum's Challenge #7, which in my
opinion is the easiest of her later Challenges. Then go into
Versus Mode. Set it to 5 rounds and infinite time.

Make Tager your dummy!

Next, make sure Platinum's Green Frying Pan is in your "Next"
column for her staff. IB-Heat to 50% and perform 236236D to get
the Giant Fan. Since you are not in Challenge Mode, you can
activate the Distortion Drive before you start the combo at no

Once your Giant Fan is ready for the combo, have Tager hit you
a little bit, then have him start retreating. That's right!
We're going to force Negative State onto Tager to up the damage
on the combo. Then, Back him off into the corner and perform
the same combo from Platinum's Challenge #7.

This may take several attempts, but it is the quickest, easiest
way I could find to deal the damage you need to for the
"By the Power of Trinity" (40G)

Decription: Complete 7 missions in Challenge Mode using Platinum

Simply stated, do 7 mission with her and find yourself up another
40G. And yes, I still hate Challenge Mode >.<


There you have it! That as much as I can impart for now. I intend
on updating this guide from time to time with any new information.
If you, the reader, have anything I may have missed, feel free to
shoot me an e-mail.

Thank you for checking this out! I hope you enjoyed this guide
and also hope to be inspired to make another one in the future.
This Achievement Guide is for use on GameFAQs only. If you find it
anywhere else, please notify either myself or GameFAQs staff.