Question from soltys316

Asked: 3 years ago

CARnage stunt??????

I am playing through the game to be infamous and i want to unlock the double grenade. it says u have to blow up 4 cars in 4secs. do they have to be destroyed with the grenade or what?

Additional details - 3 years ago

never mind I got it.
if anyone else needs help wit this too, what i did was use kinetic pulse to stack cars on each other and close by and just throw as many grenades as u can as fast as u can.

Additional details - 3 years ago

True but i personally try to get something as soon as i find out about it, so as soon as i was able to get the new moves i did watevr i had to to get em

Accepted Answer

From: satanjesus 3 years ago

I used the kinetic lift ability and carried loads of cars then piled them on each other and finally threw as many grenades as I had energy for.
Made one helluva mess and got me the trophy =o)

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You can do that, or wait until you get Ionic Vortex, it will easily take down 4+ cars if you send it down the street.

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I got it by backing up traffic with a destroyed car then thunder dropping, and sometimes you can do it without a traffic jam if you thunder drop near parked cars.

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