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Housing or Storage?:

Does anyone know if there will be a housing or storage option for this game?

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Korassu answered:

The only house ive come across so far is in the area called Webwoods. Its not to far into the game, took me maybe 3-5 hours(i wasnt keeping track). You have to complete a quest to get it, i know you had two options, kill a guy, or save him, by saving him i got the house. I upgraded it completely right away(about 6 or so payments of around 360 gold i believe), my storage was around 130 items i believe.
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TheTenth10 answered:

If you mean a personal house, yes ; you can upgrade it when you have enough money (first you buy a small house with one room and can buy a big castle when you have enough money), you can store items in it (depends on size, maybe 100 at first and 1000 when rich), furniture to make it look nice and have pets in it
sorry no official link to confirm this, but there should be videos about it on youtube or gametrailers
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Kitsunemaru answered:

This is the best video I've found on the issue. It's pretty accurate and detailed without dragging on. There ARE spoilers, tho, so watch with caution,
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ChronoEclipse12 answered:

in the town of Canneroc which is situated near the center of Webwood, you must complete all the sidequest, and choose to not kill the town leader.

Once you have killed the widow in Cathrus, you get the key to Gossamer's End, which is the only house i have been given thus far in the game. you can pay the town handyman whose name escapes me at the moment to upgrade your house giving you access to an Alchemy Bench, and i believe you also can get a blacksmithing bench as well as Sagecrafting bench. you also get a Stash which holds up to 155 things.
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ChronoEclipse12 answered:

Also to add onto my previous statement once you reach the hollow lands in detyre you can get access to the mining office and the mine which you can upgrade 3 times. Also, in the house of valor, if you become the champion you get the house and control over gambling den. Each place has your stash max number of items it holds is 155
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