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The best rogue armor????

Can anyone tell me whats the best rogue armor?? and can you tell me how many faction are there in this game..??


kbeamski answered:

I bought/found (don't remember) Dreadscale Armor, Has like 4 sockets haha, +20% damage to lightly damaged, 10% hp, 8% exp, 12% crit damage and 10% armor
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leked1 answered:

Their is no "best" armor each pair of armor has vairing stats that are different so it is up to you to decide what is best.
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Ruffy_667 answered:

Your best bet isn't to use armour you've found. I've beaten the game and honestly the best way is to break down gear and make your own.
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ChronoEclipse12 answered:

All of the ways described before are all great ways to get aor however two or three sets of the rogue armor offer +2 finesse abilities including the captains set.
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davidjames1987 answered:

if you spent the points in sage crafting to get epic gems and maxed out blacksmithing you can make weapons/armor better then anything ive found set items or other wise. Im a lvl 40 blademaster and when i crit with my faeblades i do 4500+ and i crit often. i have all blacksmithed gear. just salvage everything you can.
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fuzzball01 answered:

There are 6 factions, and the best normal finesse armor material is Dreadscale. As for sets, the highest level ones I've found is the Armor of the Ascendant set and the Justice set.
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Combat_XG answered:

Dreadscale is the top tier rouge armour, But i would recomend making your own. So get your blacksmithing up to the top and salvage the armour you prefer and make it how you want it. Like my trollhide gives me almost 1000+ health and a 678% crit chance and a 468% crit damage.
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guiwhiz answered:

Make sure you find the following:

1.) Dreadscale 'core' components for all armor areas (head, chest, hands, legs, and feet)
2.) Make sure you have as many 'flawless' components as you can to complete the piece.
3.) Make sure you have your Blacksmith skill at 'max level' with a potion if it isn't naturally in order to make 'mastercraft' pieces.
4.) Make sure you have the best selection of gems including the Epic for the chest piece. Go for the strongest combination and make sure none of them 'overlap' the basic bonuses given by the flawless components.
5.) Build your armor set and make sure you come up with cool names for each piece... *grin*

My set:

The Masque of Shadows (129 armor)-
Dreadscale headdress
Flawless components focused on damage wherever possible
Pristine shard gems focused on bonuses to health and armor

+6% experience bonus
+8% Critical Hit Damage
+20% Bleeding Resistance
+20% Poison Resistance
+15% Physical Resistance
+15% damage during daytime
+15 health
+15% damage at nighttime

The Armor of Shadows (295 armor)
Dreadscale Chest piece
Flawless components focused on support/health/mana
Pristine gems
Pristine Epic gem giving me +15% damage +10% damage resistance

+6% experience
+8% Critical Hit Damage
+20% Poison resistance
+20% Bleeding resistance
+ 30% armor
+ 20% health
+ 20% mana
+15% damage
+10% damage resistance

The Gloves of Al' Tir (and yes I'm a huge Assassin's Creed fan) (74 armor)
Just like above ones with Dreadscale, and flawless across the board
+3% experience
+20% Poison resistance
+20% Bleeding resistance
+ 30% armor
+ 20% health
+ 20% mana

The Leggings of Loki (165 armor)
Just like the others
+3% experience
+5% critical hit Damage
+20% Health
+20% Mana
+20% Armor
+120 Health

Loki's Boots of Quicksilver
Dreadscale again of course
Flawless and Pristine again of course
+5% Critical Hit Damage
+20% Melee Block Efficiency
+20% Ranged Block Efficiency
+20% Magic Block Efficiency
+120 Health
+120 Mana
+12% Physical Resistance
+20% Health

Total Armor 886

Banath's Shield (and yes I"m also a big fan of Raymond E. Feist)
Ebony Guard Core Component
Flawless and Pristine across the board
Blocks 105 Damage
+34 Armor
+30% Armor
+20% Mana
+15% Physical Resistance
+14% Elemental Resistance

In other words... good luck actually hurting me especially if I have my shield up. I let a Niskaru Tyrant whale away at me for a good 2 or 3 minutes (at least 12 - 15 'hits') and my health was down maybe 120 points out of my 1238 total... and I'm a 'Shadowcaster' which makes hitting me much harder and I can basically kill anything short of a boss with one shot even if that one thing is surrounded by other 'smaller' enemies since I can make myself invisible basically at will. I love this character. This is the first game I've played of this genre that I truly LOVE the thief character. I cannot see how a fighter or magic user could be more deadly than this character I've created. With my Prismere based Fae Blades and a 'sneak attack' I can cause more than 7000 damage with one shot. That kills a Niskaru Tyrant or any kind of troll in one shot.
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