Question from davidjames1987

Anything fun to do after I beat the game?

Ive done Primortia, all factions, LvL 40 with blacksmithed gear for all 3 classes. I have most lorestones. is there anything hard about this game. that is my only problem with the game ITS NOT HARD!

davidjames1987 provided additional details:

I just hope the DLC comes out soon. I like this game i just wish that they would have made mob's lvl up to 40 and elites to 43-45 once you beat the game. would of atleast made it more interesting. or if thatss how it is make it harder. maybe 43 for reg and 47 for elite. i dunno. im just bored running around one hit critting everything.


fuzzball01 answered:

I got bored after beating everything, so I respecced from Universalist to max Finesse and did the repeatable missions using the memory stone at the House of Ballads library. There were also a few missions that I either overlooked or opened up after completing some part of the story after I'd already left the area.
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ChronoEclipse12 answered:

Nothing to do unless you want some money you can complete some tasks. I hope DLC comes out soon as well I was level 40 before I entered alabastra on hard difficulty...
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ChronoEclipse12 answered:

Dead kel island DLC comes out march 20th and features 3 new twists of fate as well as many new powerful weapons
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ICBM_16 answered:

SPOILER! You can go fight the Chicken Overlord! Its where the final boss was. Enjoy killing it.
Its a secret boss! Its in my guide. Lol
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