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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I beat the giant fish demon you fight after you get your ship?

Its the big sea serpent thing, i forget its name, but I cannot for the life of me beat this thing, does anyone have a good strategy to beat it?

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Get the best armor with velvit for totori, sterk, mel and best weapons from platine for them also then lvl up on the element spirit til you reach 50 then faus will be easier. Also it help to bring XL healing items like monte blanche or whatever just in case you still have trouble.

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You shouldn't need to level to 50, but equipment really does play an important role in this game. Spend some time crafting the best equipment you can make. I don't mean fill it with lots of traits necessarily; usually the base equipment at the highest available level will make the game a little easier if you haven't upgraded in a long time.

But it's always helpful to add elemental traits, since those do extra damage. And if you can put the Convert Damage trait on it, you will recover HP with each strike, which also helps greatly.

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