FAQ/Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version 2.01, Last Updated 2014-02-05

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Head to Alanya now via Peter in Artisan's Way.

Year 2

Year 2, 1/10

Sterk Flag

Sterk gives you access to Friend Requests. I don't suggest doing any of these, unless you are missing flags that I name because their friendship is too low.

You only need 60 friendship for all flags, which you can get by adventuring. Going over 60 can ruin your character endings.

The exception to this is making items for Sterk and Rorona since you get them fairly late in the game.


You will need to do at least 2 Friend Requests for Sterk's flag. The sooner the better. Friend's will ONLY ask for items you have also.

Kick Marc from your party and get Gino. We mostly just wanted him to get friendship on the trip from Arland to Alanya.

Head to a nearby area that is 2 days away, Nuse Grove or Western Plains.


  • Head home for a scene with Ceci.
  • Head to Pamela's Shop for a scene about Arland, Astrid and the ocean.

Now is a good time to buy Seasonal Alchemy 1 and Me and My Bomb.

Year 2, 1/12

Gino Flag

  • If he has 40+ friendship you should get a scene about a supermove.

If Gino did not leave your party before, he will now. I am going to write the next bits as if he did, just in case.

Leave for Alanya before the end of the 12th.

Year 2, 1/15

Mimi Flag

  • You should have 20+ friendship with Mimi, so enjoy the scene about cooking.

Spend time crafting a few of your new recipes. Here's what I made:

Make whatever you want. Be sure to check if Gerhard wants anything.


  • If you're lucky, Marc should have gotten enough friendship to get a scene between him and Peter. This will make your trips to Arland much faster, just bring him a Bounce Stone and Pure Oil.

You will need to get this out of your container.

Year 2, 1/24

Grab Mel and head to Nuse Grove or Western Plains and make sure to leave before the end of the 27th.


  • When you leave town, Peter and Mel may discuss Ceci.

Year 2, 1/30

Mimi Flag

  • If you're 25+ friendship, you'll get a scene with Mimi about her mother.

Gino Flag

  • On a side note, Gino should be ready to come back. Make sure you leave and enter the atelier and get both his return and then the recipe for his Rustic Weights. Craft them now and take them to him.


  • I got a scene between Mel, Totori and Ceci in the Dining Room. It is linked to the event between Peter and Mel when you leave to the world map.
Adventurer TrainerRustic Weights

Year 2, 2/2

Gino Flag

  • After turning the Rustic Weights, talk to him about Sterk coming to your house.

Spend the next 7 days doing whatever you want. I am going to craft some more items to raise my Alchemy Level.

Buy Pamela's North Witch Legend for more recipes if you want and have the money.

Year 2, 2/9

Gino Flag

  • Head to Alanya Square to see a scene with Gino, Totori and Mel.

Spend the next 6 days crafting.


  • Drop by Pamela's for a scene about her teddy bear.

Year 2, 2/15

Mimi Flag

  • You should be able to get the scene Mimi at your atelier right away if her friendship is 30+.

Burn 2 days crafting.

Year 2, 2/17

Gino Flag

  • Head to the atelier for a scene with Gino and Sterk.

Spend 3 more days crafting. You will probably be low on MP. If so, go ahead and sleep one day and use the other 2.

Year 2, 2/20

Gino Flag

  • Head to Alanya Square for a fun scene with Sterk and Gino.

Now, head to Arland in your new and improved carriage.

Year 2, 2/28

Mimi Flag

  • Head to the Adventurer's Guild and talk to Cordelia about Mimi.

Sterk Flag

  • Talk to Cordelia again for a conversation about Astrid and Sterk.

Mimi Flag

  • Talk to Mimi inside the Adventurer's Guild.

You should also be able to rank up by now to Bronze Rank.

Kick Mel and put Marc in your party.

If you have left over Dry Metal or Muffcot make him some gear before heading out.

I suggest you pick up Ear Puni and Audra from Filly if she is offering it and head to Traveler's Path.


  • Head to Tiffani's shop for a conversation about Pamela.
Aquanaut MemoHeavenly Parasol

Scorched Wasteland
Dragon Grave
Herbal Plains
Holy Slumbering Tree
Pixie Dance Floor

Year 2, 3/1

Harvest the locations and fight the enemies here.

The Ear Puni's can call allies so watch out.

The Griffon is a Mini-Boss of this area. Use your skills and healing items if needed. If you are having trouble beating him, you can actually hug the wall to get to the harvesting points on the right. DO NOT TRY AND SNEAK BACK, he will attack you.

Leave before the end of the 3rd.

Fill up your bag with the Water in the well. It is 10 quality better than town's water and you are probably running low.

Year 2, 3/7

Turn in some quests for Filly to get Bronze Artisan and Silver Rank. If you need to adventure for her hunts, do so, but stay nearby if possible.

I have a lot listed for the next 2 months that is kind of optional. If you find yourself behind DON'T PANIC. All you really need is Silver Rank and the events by month 5.

If you ever run out of MP from crafting, take a trip to a nearby area like Old Path, Uni Grove, or Traveler's Path.

Here is what I did:

This got me History of Drying in License Points for crafting everything in the book and Dryer Master in License Points for making Hay, Dried Flower, and Dried Meat.

  • Headed to Nabel Lake for Coastal Penguin.
  • Headed to Uni Grove for Green and Blue Puni.
  • Also fulfilled the Mandragora from random encounters.
  • Crafted Smelly Liquid x2 for Filly.
  • Crafted Tinc x3 for Filly.

This got me Bronze Artisan and Ingot Drop in License Points.

If you get this sooner, you can skip ahead or spend a few extra days crafting.

Year 2, 4/10

You should have Silver Rank up by now and Bronze Artisan, so talk to Cordelia.

LemegetonMega Bomb
Bomber Ice
Lightning Quartz

Holy Land Shortcut
Morning Mist River
Drifter's Grave
Crystal Hole
Stein Hill

Now that you are Silver Rank, you can go to Tiffani's shop with your bag 3/4 full and she will give you a larger basket.

You can fill it up with Water from the well next to R & T Sundries if you want.

You have to enter the Buy section of her shop and then leave.


I took some time to buy Dress Meister from Hagel and upgrade my armor. You will need this for survivability in all newer areas.


We want to make 2-3 Polywool I suggest 3 to make new armor for someone who's gonna join soonish. Try and stick good stats on it again, but you may have used that Defense +5 already. This is okay, because the armor will get its own natural boost. I, personally, had really bad items so all I got was Sturdy, Defense +3 and MP +10.

This is what you want to make:

  • ?Lady's Armor?
  • ?Silk Armor?

You can save the Adventure Wear that Mimi was using and equip it to Mel or Gino later. You can sell Totori's outfit though.

You're going to be getting wholesaling soon so now is a good time to craft some items for it before going back to Alanya.

Suggested items (if you haven't made them already):

You don't NEED all of these, but these are what I will suggest registering later.

Other items you should craft if you have time:

Put the Heavenly Parasol in your bag.

Mimi Flag

  • You should eventually get a scene with Filly and Mimi when you do about 25 quests for Filly

Try and get this before you go to Arland or it will mess up the future events with Mimi as I have them written. That being said, if you can't, it will not mess it up so bad to screw you over. I will explain more later, but you will basically be behind in my guide a little (her events do not interfere with anything major, just write them down and make sure to get them later.


  • Stop by the Adventurer's Guild for a scene with Mel.
  • Filly might also complain about work. This is the first step toward Tiffani's trophy.

Year 2, 4/20

Head back to Alanya via Peter.

Year 2, 4/28

Gino Flag

  • Head to the Wharf for a scene with Gino again. For Rorona fans, there is a lot of subtle hints at events from Rorona in the conversations between Gino and Sterk.

Sterk Flag

  • Head home and Sterk should come by and have a conversation about Astrid.

Talk to Ceci and you will gain access to wholesaling.

Some items are more useful to wholesale than others. Items that are used a lot like Supplements are good as well as items that take rare items to make or simply a long time.

DON'T WORRY ABOUT FILLING IT UP You can replace items later.

Items you should register:



Optional stuff you might have on you:


Grab Ear Puni, Fighting Goats, and Green Puni if Gerhard is offering them.

Make sure you have a Tonic, and healing items like Healing Salves or Medical Cream and head to Stein Hill.


  • Head to Pamela's for a scene with a snoozing teddy bear.

Year 2, 5/7

Use the Tonic and make sure you harvest all the points here.

You will need to run across the top of some of the ruins to get all the gathering points. Luckily, the collision meshes in this game are forgiving and it's not incredibly hard.

There is also the Jagd Wolf here. It can be hard if you are under level or if you do not carry healing items. Hopefully, you took my advice and made good weapons and armor back in the day.

Get the landmark by standing on the altar the Jagd Wolf was on.

Leave before the end of the 13th.

Year 2, 5/23

Spend the time until the next date crafting and fulfilling quests.

You can save and try and get Sterk to show up for a Friend Request. You need these for his flag, but it is totally random if it's him that shows up.

Sterk Flag

  • If this is your second request filled, you will get a scene upon reentering the atelier where Sterk's pigeon barges in on the conversation.

You have until 2/9/1 to get this, so don't worry if this is your first request.

Year 2, 6/1

Rorona Flag

  • Ceci will ask you to go find your dad and you will be shocked by your father's discovery. Get the "Catch of the Day" trophy.

Now is a good time to buy North Witch Legend and New Age Art Theory from Pamela if you haven't already.

Make sure you have at least 1 Supplement, Pure Oil, Medical Cream, Migraine Syrup, Polish Powder and Zettel on you to wholesale in Arland, which is where we are going. Buy them from Ceci if needed.


  • Stopping by the bar may get you a scene between Mel, Ceci and Totori.

Year 2, 6/9

Rorona Flag

  • After the scene with Rorona, head to the Adventurer Guild.

Mimi Flag

  • You should now get a scene with Mimi about saving some guy at the Adventurer's Guild.

If you didn't get the Filly and Mimi event until now, you won't get this until 15 days from now.

I also suggest your rank up NOW, since the 1 day delay I put on this will not matter for another month.

Marc Flag

Before doing any crafting, I suggest you save and try to get Marc or Sterk to drop by. You are going to need to turn in at least 1 for Marc to get a scene later. If you don't it's not that big of a deal, but try anyways.

Take a moment to register items with Hagel, Iksel and Tiffani.

Register these:




Let's make some Speed Gloves now (You'll get this in a bit).

They reduce gathering time from 50% to 30% of a day letting you gather much more.

This requires Magic Paint from New Age Art Theory at Pamela's Shop, but Magic Paint needs Rainbow Oil and Tar Liquid from the same recipe book. Finally, Rainbow Oil requires Crimson Dye from Traditional Crafts at R & T Sundries.

Chances are you won't be able to make these unless you have been doing a lot of synthesis already.

SAVE NOW - Start by making the 2 Crimson Dye and registering it at R & T Sundries.


  • At the atelier Rorona should come up with a funny name for Marc.
  • Similarly, Cordelia should show up for a nickname game as well.
  • When you go to synthesize you should get a scene with Rorona.

For Rorona players, this will be extra funny.

Year 2, 6/10

Now head to Cordelia and get Gold Rank.

Mimi Flag

  • Mimi should come by and get angry about you ranking up so fast.

The reason I waited til now is that you have to wait a day AFTER you see the previous event with Mimi and the guy. Mimi will be unavailable for a few days.

You won't get this if you just got the Filly and Mimi scene.

Now make the Rainbow Oil. You should have Pure Oil registered.

Agrarian MasterySpeed Gloves

Ancient Monastery
Promised Land
Mountain Cave
Camp of the Defeated

Year 2, 6/11

Synthesize the Tar Liquid now.

Year 2, 6/12

You can now make the Magic Paint, but you are probably too low in Alchemy Level. Time to craft for Filly and for levels.

Stuff you CAN make if you haven't already:

The stores restock on the days that end in 1 and 2, so keep this in mind if you need items.

Make sure to check if you can register these items as you make them. You can always register and buy the item back if it is something you are turning into Filly.

Year 2, 6/13

Mimi Flag

  • Mimi will be spying on you from outside.

Only if you had Mimi leave when you ranked up.

Year 2, 6/16

Marc Flag

Keep crafting for more levels. Refer to my list above for what I made.

I actually had a chance at making the Magic Paint by now, although low. You can save and try it or get more levels.


  • You will probably get a scene with Totori asking about the linked containers.
  • If you crafted a lot, you should get a scene at the atelier with Rorona and get her recipes.
Rorona's Pie NotesPlain Pie
Honey Pie
Veggie Pie
Cream Pie
Meat Pie

Year 2, 6/17

Make sure to register the Magic Paint at R & T Sundries. If you can't make them, don't worry about it. Sadly the Magic Paint is only the first hurtle with the Speed Gloves. Now we need more levels to make the gloves themselves.

After this, we need to kill time until Mimi shows back up. Since there are no other characters in Arland to recruit, I suggest you continue to craft and fulfill quests for Filly.

Year 2, 6/24

Mimi Flag

  • If you ended up behind, you will get the scene with Mimi and the guy at the Adventurer's Guild now.

Craft until the next date and continue on as normal. The next event won't happen until we rank up again.

Year 2, 6/28

Mimi Flag

  • Head to the Adventurer's Guild and talk to Cordelia.

Skip this if you are behind in the Mimi Flag section.

Hire Marc and Mimi again and let's head to Nabel Lake.

Year 2, 7/5

Leave for Arland before the end of the 6th.

Year 2, 7/14

Marc Flag

  • Marc should have 40+ friendship (if you did a Friend Request for him like I suggested).Head to Artisan's Way for a scene with a robot.

Let's get a few more alchemy levels.

Year 2, 7/18

I was able to at least TRY Speed Gloves by now. Save and try them if she doesn't say "Nope, I can't."

Year 2, 7/23

Grab the Gloves, Heavenly Parasol (if you ever made one), and a Bomb and put them in your bag. Now let's head to Sandy Wind Plains.

Year 2, 7/29

Sterk Flag

  • At Sandy Wind Plains you should get a scene with Sterk.

Harvest the best points and fight, but make sure to leave before the end of the 29th for Scorched Wasteland.

Year 2, 8/2

Getting all the gather points here can be a pain, but make sure you get them all. You will need to throw a Bomb at a rock in the middle of the map to get to the landmark and the last gathering point. You will also run into the Wasteland Beast, which you must kill for License Points.

Avoid as many battles as possible.

Leave before the end of the 6th.

Year 2, 8/15

You should be easily be able to get Platinum Rank up by now, if not sooner.

Note that if you were behind in the Mimi Flag section, she will leave now. Her scenes should start to catch up now.

Marc Flag

  • If his friendship is 45+, you should get another scene at Artisan's Way. OMG Marc you're MEAN!!!

You now have until the 23rd to do whatever. I suggest you craft up levels so we can make Traveler's Shoes. Also fulfill quests for Filly.

Traveler's TalesTraveler's Shoes
Flying Carpet

Seaside Hill
Ancient Woods
Runestone Nest
Forgotten Village
Jade Ruins
Rolling Hill

Year 2, 8/23

Head to Alanya.

If Mimi is still unavailable, grab Rorona for the friendship on the trip to Alanya.

Year 2, 9/1

Sterk Flag

  • Head home for a scene between Totori, her father, and Sterk. That's right Sterky... you're an old man.

Gerhard's Beer Hunting

  • You can get the first event in the Beer making quest-line by talking to Gerhard.

When you are done in Alanya, accept any goat or ghost mobs from Gerhard and head for Silent Path.


  • If you talk to Mel you will get a scene about birthdays (Also, grab Mel if you don't have Mimi in your party and kick Rorona).

Year 2, 9/10

Harvest some points and leave before the end of the 10th for Forgotten Village.

Year 2, 9/15

If you have the Speed Gloves you will want to gather all the points for the License Points, but if you haven't, just make sure you leave by end of the 17th for Alanya.

Make sure you go into the house to get the chest with Wild Spirits in it (The points in here do NOT harvest).

Year 2, 10/1

There isn't much to do in Alanya, so view this optional stuff and then continue on.


  • Take a moment to craft a pie at Atelier Totori and Ceci will step in and give you a new recipe.
Fish Pie RecipeFish Pie
Homemade Pie

Year 2, 10/2

Head for Arland via Peter now.

Year 2, 10/10

If you were behind and lost Mimi, you should go to the guild and talk to Cordelia asap so you can recruit her.

Marc Flag

  • Another event at Artisan's Way will happen if Marc is 50+ friendship.

Chim Ending

  • At the atelier, determine Chim's sex by answering Rorona's question.

Gerhard's Beer Hunting

  • At the atelier, Totori should ask Rorona about drinks and get a recipe book.

You may need to exit and enter a few times to get these.

I suggest you synth the items for Gehard now and get access to the new drinks.

Make 2 Grape Waters in 1 day. If you don't have the Purple Grapes, you can do this later and move on to the next date. I will write the dates as if you did, but I will also write in a section to get more Grapes soon.

By now you should be able to craft the Speed Gloves and/or Traveler's Shoes, so craft them. Make sure to save before trying.

Make sure to put these in your basket and leave them there.


  • You may get a Filly event at Tiffani's shop if you've fulfilled enough quests. If not, look for it in the future. This is the first of the events here before you need to go to the Sunrise Cafe.
  • Talk to Tiffani for more information on brewing.
  • I also got an event at Tiffani's about how Filly has been doing at work. This is not the event that leads you to the Sunrise Cafe.
Alcohol and LifeBeer
Grape Water
Fancy DrinksFloral Sour Mix
Million Nights
Blessed Wine

Year 2, 10/18

Head for Alanya again.

If Marc is friendship 60+ you can kick him and put Rorona in your party.

Rorona is the only other character who can use Items and the only one with a Special Attack as well. This is great for boss battles; as Living items will auto heal 2 party members. The bad news is that if you are going for Platinum you won't have a lot of time to play with Rorona. She is an awesome character for New Game + though.

Year 2, 10/26

Make sure you have your Traveler's Shoes on you and head to Natural Garden.

If you made the Grape Water already, use this time to do a quest or craft. If you are behind in my guide, you can ignore this section, even if you haven't made the Waters.


  • Head to Pamela's Shop for an interesting scene between Rorona and Pamela.

Year 2, 10/28

Harvest as many Grapes as you need and leave by the end of the 28th for Rolling Hill.

Year 2, 11/1

If you didn't go to Natural Garden, leave for Rolling Hill now. Make sure you have the Traveler's Shoes on you.

Year 2, 11/13

At Rolling Hill, you should get the License Points for Hill Pioneer (which is the only reason we even walked this far). Harvest the locations on the right, staying out of the middle/upper left, and leave by the end of the 14th.

You will probably want to stop by each of the following locations on the way back, leaving before you spend a whole day:

Year 2, 12/1

You should be back in Alanya by now. Use some time to craft the drinks you couldn't make earlier (either the Fancy Drinks or both set of drinks).

Gerhard's Beer Hunting

  • Grab the three drinks from the Fancy Drinks recipe and turn them into Gerhard.
  • Now head home for a scene and a new recipe.


  • Head to Gerhard's Bar for a scene with Ceci. Boy, that girl can suck 'em back. That's kind of scary really.
  • Head to Pamela's for a scene about where she gets her supplies.
Fish Booze MemoAnchobeer

Year 2, 12/5

Gerhard's Beer Hunting

  • Make the Anchobeer and bring it to Gerhard.

Specialty NotesBomb Booze
Tuna Wine

Year 2, 12/7

I suggest you buy out Ceci's stock of Homemade Pie and then head back to Arland.

Year 2, 12/15

Chim Ending

  • Head to Rorona's for a scene with the birth of Chim. Your reward is a cute picture and the "Cuteness Swarm!" trophy.

A cool trick is that Chim can only be assigned items you already have. This doesn't mean you have to have the item to have them make them once they are assigned. When I make big items that I may need to turn in, such as Totori Brunch (for Iksel's Cooking Contest), I assign Chim to duplicate it BEFORE I turn it in. They will make it, even though I gave the item away.

You want to put your Chim's to work asap, but you will probably have no pies. That's okay, but once we get to Alanya we want them working 24/7. Always keep pies stocked from Ceci's store. If you have nothing for them to work on, have them make pies so they will feed themselves and you don't have to stock up as soon.

Iksel's Cooking Contest

  • Head over to Sunrise Cafe and talk to Iksel to start his cooking contest.

You should also be able to get Diamond Rank up, so do that too.

I also bought the next book from Hagel, Crafter's Life.

Iksel's Cooking Contest

I suggest you make 2 and register 1 and turn in the other.


  • Rorona should give you another recipe book.
  • Cordelia should stop by the atelier as well to see Chim. Awww someone is finally shorter than Cory. I still wonder what happened to big Hom.
Rorona's Fish MemoFishcraft
Fish Can
Fish Sauce
Iksel Recipe BookBlack Tea
Passionate Soup
Awesome Slow FoodDanish
Meister Tarte
Book of SibylWarp Gate

Year 2, 12/17

Iksel's Cooking Contest

  • Craft the Danish and Meister Tarte and take them to Iksel. (If you need to use that Alchemy Yeast that was sitting in storage for all this time gaining quality, assign Chim to copy it before you use it.)

I suggest you make 2 and register 1 and turn in the other.

Great IngredientsCentury Biscuit

Year 2, 12/19

Iksel's Cooking Contest

I suggest you don't put this on you, go and register it with Iksel, and then buy it back to turn it in. Also buy the Some Egg 80 quality for the next recipe.

Totori's CookingTotori Brunch

Year 2, 12/20

Iksel's Cooking Contest

  • Craft a 80+ Totori Brunch and turn it into Iksel. (This is easiest done with the 120 Sylph Breath you have lying in storage and the 80 quality Some Egg that Iksel sells.)

Make sure you set your Chim to copy the Totori Brunch before you turn it in.

Head Chef's GiftIksel Plate
Special Meat
Mont Blanc
One Powder
Iksel Course

Year 2, 12/21

Chim Ending

  • Go ahead and put the Water of Life on you and make another Chim.

Now 2 days crafting something and then head to Alanya on the 23nd.

Year 3

Year 3, 1/1

Head to Alanya Square for a scene about Flauschtraut.

If you have enough money you can buy another Water of Life from Pamela's Shop.

Head back to Arland (gotta love traveling for friendship and certain quests).


  • Head home for a scene between Rorona and Ceci. Oh, Rorona and your pie obsession.

Year 3, 1/9

Chim Ending

  • If you bought the Water of Life, make another Chim.

Let's now take a moment to upgrade our gear again, since we are done with mandatory quests until 3/7/1 and we will be getting a strong ally soon.


Make 2 Ster Metal. By now you should know how to do this, but here is the traits I ended up with: Convert Damage M, Attack +5, Inflict Sleep, and Holy Power and Earth Power.

Make sure you assign a Chim to copy this at least once.

This is what we want:


  • Heading home should get you a scene with Rorona about Hom. I guess that is what happened to him/her.
  • At home there should be a scene about Hom and another about Chim. KIDNAPPED? NOOooo. Wow Totori is oblivious to whom she speaks.

Year 3, 1/11

We need to kill some time crafting now. Here is what I made:

Year 3, 1/15

Sterk Flag

  • YAY.... at the atelier an event will make Sterk recruitable. In case you didn't play Atelier Rorona, Gio is the lazy ass king who Sterk has been trying to get to take his responsibility serious since game 1. I guess a republic was Gio's way of getting off duty.

Kick Rorona and hire Sterk, he's on Artisan's Way.

I suggest you grab any ghost/demon-type and Ear Puni quests from Filly and head to Holy Land Shortcut.


  • Rorona will most likely give you another recipe book in her set.
Super Tool GuideHappy Basket
Spring Cup
Fertile Pot
Secret Bag
Blessed Coin
Auto Alarm

Year 3, 1/18

Make sure you get the Treasure Chest and leave before the end of the 19th for Ancient Monastery.


  • You will likely get a scene with Sterk about women's reactions to him.
  • You may get a scene in which Sterk comments on your battle style and increase Totori's level.
Else QularioMegacraft

Year 3, 1/21

Make sure to get all gathering points and approach the altar. There is also a Mini-boss here called Scarlet (a red demon).

Leave before the end of the 25th and head for the Promised Land.

Year 3, 1/30

Clear out the area and leave before the end of the 1st for Arland.

Year 3, 2/10

Remember that extra Ster Metal I told you to copy? It's definitely done, so grab it and make Sterk a ?Famous Sword?.

You now have a lot of time to do whatever you want, so you can skip ahead to 4/3 or continue to follow this guide.

Let's craft some new items (since we have been getting a lot of recipes).

Stuff you SHOULD make:

  • Secret Bag (carrying this will give you access to your container from ANYWHERE).

Stuff you can make and register:


  • You will probably get a scene with Rorona about her opinion on adventuring.
  • You will probably see an event about Chim parts. This is a joke that goes back to Astrid telling Rorona what Hom is made out of.

Year 3, 2/30

I suggest you grab Rorona and Sterk (make a new weapon for Rorona if you have extra ingots from duplication) and head to the world map. They make a reference to Aterlier Rorona when you had to pay your party members.... oh the days when I had so much money to burn that I didn't even realize they cost me.

Now head to Dragon Grave.

Year 3, 3/4

Harvest and fight and leave before the end of the 5th for Morning Mist River.

Year 3, 3/12

Harvest and leave before the end of the 12th for Seaside Hill.

Year 3, 3/16

Harvest and leave before the end of the 16th for Ancient Woods.

Year 3, 3/20

Harvest and leave before the end of the 20th for Arland.

Year 3, 4/3

Rorona Flag

  • If you have enough friendship, you should get a scene at the Sunrise Cafe. Players who have played the previous game will enjoy the memories and new players get to feel like Totori.

Burn 2 days if you get the Tiffani and Filly event.


  • If you have enough quests done with Filly you will get a scene with her at Tiffani's. This is the trigger for the trophy. You will need to visit the Sunrise Cafe in 2 day. (If you aren't getting this, make sure you have no quests accepted before you assume you don't have enough quests done).

Year 3, 4/5

Head to the Sunrise Cafe for the trophy "Legendary Drunkard".

Year 3, 4/5

Head to the Adventurer's Guild for a scene with Filly.

We still need more friendship for Sterk. Since the Trevaler's Shoes shortens are walking distance in days, we have to walk more and farther to get friendship points (since 3 days on the map equals 1 friendship point).

Head to Drifter's Grave.

Year 3, 4/15

Harvest and leave before the end of the 15th for Herbal Plains.

Year 3, 4/23

Harvest and leave before the end of the 24th for Alanya.

Year 3, 4/27

SAVE NOW - important choice ahead.

Gino Flag

  • At home, Gino may stop by all beaten up. This may require him to be level 15. If you aren't getting it, don't worry about it, this can be gotten later when you have the Warp Gate.

You now have two choices, you can go to Alanya Square and see the next Gino event there, or go to Artisan's Way and see it there for a new background image in your collection. The issue here is that we can't use Peter's carriage, as it is in the Town Square, to get to Arland.

I am going to write the next bit like you plan to walk to Arland from Alanya.

Head to the world map by hitting Start and avoiding the Town Square, and walk to Arland.


  • At home, you will probably get a scene with Rorona and Ceci about pies again.

Year 3, 5/10

Sterk Flag

  • At home, Sterk should drop by and ask for medicine and talk about Gio.

Gino Flag

  • Head to Artisan's Way to bump into Sterk and get a new background image for your collection.

Sterk Flag

  • Head to Artisan's Way for a scene with Sterk and Ro-ro-na bird if his friendship is 30+.

Kick Rorona and get Mimi if she is friendship 60.

Now head to Alanya.

Year 3, 5/18

Gino Flag

  • Talk to Gino. How come Sterk can't always use that all the time? Stupid Specials.


This is the last event needed before you are at the point of no return if you continue, you will get his flag and ruin any other endings.


At home, you will see a scene with Guid, Gerhard and Ceci if you synth something (see below). Time to build a ship... well soonish.

Let's do some crafting here:

We should start duplicating items for the boat requirements. I suggest gathering Eiche and duplicating a cloth of some kind. You are going to need about 20 of both.

Year 3, 5/20

I headed to Fragrant Plains now.

Year 3, 5/24

Harvest and leave before the end of the 24th for Mountain Cave.


  • You may get a scene about Totori being stubborn and not resting.

Year 3, 5/26

Harvest and leave before the end of the 26th for Alanya.

Year 3, 6/2

Head to Arland via Peter.

Year 3, 6/10

Sterk Flag

  • Head to Artisan's Way for a scene with Sterk's pigeon and Sterk in a field if he is 40+ friendship.

I'm actually running out of places to go and things to craft at this point. You have until 7/1 to do whatever. If you are behind in the guide, this is the perfect time to catch up a little.

I spent the time crafting:


  • Cordy will probably be at the atelier for a scene.

Year 3, 6/23

Head to Alanya via Peter.

Year 3, 7/1

In Alanya Square there will be a scene between Mel and Totori about her mother.

Head to Pamela's Shop for a scene. Of COURSE.... damnit Pamela.

Talk to Gerhard now. Well Gisela doesn't sound anything like Totori.

Talk to Peter. Oh man, this town is full of meanies.

Head back to Arland via Peter.

Year 3, 7/9

Talk to Cordelia. Man I love Cordy.

Rorona Flag

  • Head to Artisan's Way for a scene with Rorona and Cory.

Talk to Sterk about your mother. Then again for some fun.

Back at the atelier Mimi will bust in and complain about your mom.

Let's get Sterk 50+ friendship. Head to the world map.

My Sterk only needed 2 friendship points, so I headed to an area 3 days away and walked back without actually entering an area.


  • Talk to Sterk a second time for some funny talk about his face.
  • Talk to Marc twice for some funny scenes that are not required.
  • If you head to the world map, Rorona should sneak up on Totori and Sterk.

Year 3, 7/15

If Sterk is friendship 50+ he should drop by and drop some items off.

There are two items in this box of value, the Water of Life and the Dark Dew. Also, copy or save that Sonne Fruit for later.

Now is a good time to get the Spring Cup trick going, but in order to do it you will need 2 Dark Dew. Have a Chim duplicate the one you have.

Chim Ending

  • Get another Chim. One more to go.

Let's craft another thing we will need for the ship making:

Skip this if you have one left over in storage and just duplicate it.

Now we can start working toward making good weapons and armor for the events to come.

The following sections related to all this is courtesy of Shana Valkyrie @ PS3trophies.org:

  • Have Chim to collect the best Stench Stone that you have, need 6!
  • Make one high quality Blessed Wine (80+) and register it. (I noted earlier that I made one of these, hopefully you did too.)

We need to kill 13 days while the Dark Dew duplicates. I suggest you spend it adventuring to get Sterk to level 60 friendship. I'm going to leave this all up to you. (The max distance you can go is 6 days if you leave before the day is up.)


  • At the Adventurer's Guild, Filly will probably scream at Sterk's face. Poor guy.

Year 3, 7/28

You should have the second Dark Dew by now. Craft a Spring Cup with Spring Liquid + and MAKE SURE ITS IN YOUR BAG so it can get to quality 100 while you travel.

Courtesy of Shana Valkyrie:

Year 3, 8/1

Now head to Alanya via Peter.

Year 3, 8/9

Head to Crystal Hole.

Year 3, 8/14

Harvest and fight and leave before the end of the 15th for Runestone Nest.

Year 3, 8/17

This place can be pretty hard. You probably want to avoid as many battles as possible and stay away from the Jewel Element boss (if you saved recently you can always try though). Leave before the end of the 18th for Alanya.

Year 3, 8/25

Your Spring Cup should be quality 100 by now (if not, give it a few more days and catch up later). Register it at Pamela's Shop. You can buy and re-register the Cup as many times as you want, but once should be enough for now (if you want the Rich/Store Ending you will want to register it and use it a LOT in year 5.

From now on, whenever you are in Alanya you can buy the Spring Cup's from Pamela and go to the world map (so there's no usage animation) and use it.

The ONLY items worth keeping are as follows:

  • Dark Dew
  • Sea Puddle
  • Forest Drops

For now you will only get Dark Dew, since you can't get items from areas you don't have unlocked.


  • Quality L
  • HP +30
  • MP +30
  • DEF +10

Other Waters worth keeping are the following:

  • MP Cost -30%
  • Skill +30%
  • All Stats +10
  • Speed +10
  • Dragon Repel
  • Attack +10
  • Attack +5
  • Convert Damage L

You only need to stock about 5 of each of these and then ignore them in the future.

Register and buy the Spring Cup back and head to the world map and look for the above mentioned water and Dark Dew.

Chances are you won't get the above traits in 1 Spring Cup, so spend a few days crafting while you wait for restock on the 1st.

I suggest making 6 Sylph Breaths so that you can use them for Cost Level help in a little bit. If you can stick any two of the following traits on it, do it:

  • Attack +10 - Cost 10
  • Attack +5 - Cost 6
  • Beast Repel - Cost 6

Also have a Chim gather a copy of the Sonne Fruit. It gives the best cost level for a plant. You will need this later.

Year 3, 9/1

Buy the Spring Cups from Pamela. SAVE BEFORE OPENING

Courtesy of Shana Valkyrie:


Make 6 Smelly Liquid (MUST have Quality L from the water)

  • You can buy more Spring Cups from Pamela if you didn't get what you needed.

Make 3 Liquor (individually) w/ 3 Water (HP +30, MP +30, or Defense +10) and the 3 Blessed Wine you bought (which should have 120 quality).

Make 3 Million Nights with the Smelly Liquid + Liquor + Best Blue Fruits that you have.

  • Choose HP +30, MP +30, Defense +10, Quality L.

Now have a Chim copy the Million Nights since it can be used in ALL the [Cloth] synthesis.

You should now be able to make any armor you want with good traits in the future.

Now that we have Dark Dew, it's time to work on some of the best weapons you can get. Firstly, to make your life easier when looking for traits, sell any Dark Dew without the traits listed below before even synthing.

This should give you enough money to buy the rest of Pamela's recipe books.

SAVE BEFORE THIS!!!! - Have Migraine Syrup on hand for MP Recovery.

Courtesy of Shana Valkyrie:


Make 2 Sylph Breaths with 4 of the following traits (Inflict Sleep should be one if you have it) using 2 of generic Breaths you made earlier that have 2 of these traits.

  • Beast Repel
  • Attack +5
  • Attack +10
  • Convert Damage L
  • Inflict Sleep (you can get this from the Plant)

Once you do that, synth 2 Breath's using the above Sylph Breaths and a Million Nights (which you should have a Chim duplicating). This should give you enough points to add the final trait. That should leave you with 2 Sylph Breath's with all 5 traits (1):


Beast RepelCost 6
Attack +10Cost 10
Attack +5Cost 6
Convert Damage LCost 9
Inflict SleepCost 5
Total = 36 Cost Level

Now you should synth 2 more Sylph's Breath's using one of the extra above (1) and a generic (original 6) Sylph Breath (for Cost Level).Then pick out the Dark Dew with Dragon Repel and a Million Nights. Use the Sonne Fruit or better to the 40 Cost Level and that should be all 5 traits (2).

If you are missing a Dragon Repel Dark Dew, Pamela should have restocked her Spring Cups.


Dragon RepelCost 10
Attack +10Cost 10
Attack +5Cost 6
Convert Damage LCost 9
Inflict SleepCost 5
Total = 40 Cost Level

You should now have 1 of (1) and 2 of the other.

Head to Arland for some Arland Crystals (hopefully you have them wholesaled there).

Year 3, 9/20

Head to the Beefy Weapon Shop and R & T Sundries to buy 5 Arland Crystals from Hagel and 10 Polish Powder from Tiffani (you'll have to buy the last 8 in Alanya).

Courtesy of Shana Valkyrie:

Now, an Arland Crystal, Polish Powder and Sylph Breath won't get us enough points to get all our traits in, so we will need to make a generic Blessed Coin first. Make a Blessed Coin with any ingredients as long as it is NOT with the Sylph Breaths with the final 5 traits.

Once you have the generic Blessed Coin, make 2 Blessed Coins using (1) or (2) Sylph Breath's and the generic Blessed Coin.


Generic Blessed Coin

Arland CrystalCost 13
Polish PowderCost 5
any ingredientCost X

Beast Repel Blessed Coin x2

Arland Crystal x2Cost 13
Polish Powder x4Cost 5
Generic Blessed Coin
Dragon Repel Sylph Breath with final 5 traitsCost 22
Total = 40 Cost Level
  • Note that the Dragon Repel Sylph Breath (2) took 40 Cost Level. It is the same here.

Do the same for the other Sylph Breath now, but use the extra Blessed Coin from the previous synth. You should be left with 3 Blessed Coins, 2 with one set of 5 traits and 1 with the other 5.

You will probably want to have some Chim's start duplicating these.

Now we can make accessories, if you like.

Courtesy of Shana Valkyrie:

For accessories, let's make it easy on ourselves and make 3 Spirit Necklaces. First though, we need to make another Sylph Breath with all the traits.

Make 2 Sylph Breaths with a Wispstone + Pendelook and 2 Water/Dark Dew with All Stats +10 and MP Cost -30% on them. Use whatever [Plant] gets you the 19 Cost Level. If you are still low, use something higher level than the Pendelook.


Holy PowerCost 0
MP Cost -30%Cost 8
All Stats +10Cost 10
Total = 18 Cost Level

Now let's make 2 more Sylph Breath's using the previous one (1) and a generic one (made a while back), 2 Dark Dew's with the traits below, and a Million Nights.


Holy PowerCost 0
MP Cost -30%Cost 8
All Stats +10Cost 10
Skill +30%Cost 10
Total = 28 Cost Level

Now make a Spirit Necklace with one of those Sylph Breaths (2) and copy it.

You should have 4 Chims with 2 working on each type of Blessed Coin, 1 working on the Spirit Necklaces, and 1 on pie. You can always set the 4th to work on Spirit Necklaces if you don't need them to make pie. ALWAYS copy the Blessed Coins before/if you use one. You will need these FOREVER!!

You can now make Goldstein [Ingot]s and Tanbeash [Cloth] as the Chim's duplicate the Blessed Coins and Million Nights.

I already had a lot of Million Nights, so I made the following armor with 3 Tanbeash:

  • Rose Maiden (Totori has such a limited gear choice until the final set of [Cloth]).
  • ?Magic Clothes? or ?Strange Cape? or ?Foreign Wear? (your choice between HP, MP, ATK, DEF, and SPD - I'd stick with one of the last 2 since SPD = more attacks).
  • ?Steel Clothes? or ?Dragon Scales? (your choice between LP, ATK, and DEF).

Year 3, 11/1

By now, you should be done with all of the above, if not, just come here when you are ready. You will have a whole year at the end of the game to play catch up.

Head to a nearby area like Old Path, Uni Grove, or Traveler's Path.

Year 3, 11/3

Sterk Flag

  • If Sterk 60+ friendship Sterk will need to leave. He will become unavaiable for the next 6 days.

Harvest and leave for Arland before the end of the 3rd.

Year 3, 11/6

We need to get Marc to level 30, so put him in your party and head to Ancient Monastery.

Year 3, 11/10

Take out all the enemies on the map (except 1 because it pushes you into a new day), avoiding gathering, and rinse and repeat until he's 30.

Six levels took me six days and then I headed for Arland.

Year 3, 11/22

Sterk Flag

  • Sterk should show up at the atelier. He is now available again. This is the last event besides the one related to Gerhard's Beer Hunting quest that involves Sterk.

Make sure to kick Marc and put Sterk back in your party.

You now have until year 4 to do whatever you want really. I suggest fulfilling Filly's quests and crafting. Everyone should be friendship 60+, so there is no need to adventure until we get access to some new areas.

This is a PERFECT time to catch up in my guide if you are behind. Skip ahead if you are.

I suggest you make new weapons with the Blessed Coins that you had the Chim duplicate. You can stop the Chims now if you have 1 left over... if you need more later he can duplicate again. Just make sure you always leave one.

I also suggest you head to Alanya so you can keep up with Spring Cup restocking at Pamela's Shop.

Year 4

Year 4, 1/1

Head to the Adventurer's Guild and talk to Cordelia. If you don't she will show up at Rorona's workshop.

Marc Flag

  • At the atelier Marc will drop by and say he needs you to take him to the Promised Land for a specimen.


This is the last event before the NO RETURN point of getting him his flag. Do not invite him into party again until you are going for the flag.

Head back to Alanya now.

Year 4, 1/9

When you return home, there will be a scene with Guid and Ceci. Lol... I'm starting to like Guid.

Year 4, 1/10

Head into the Dining Room for another scene with the three. Now head to Gerhard's Bar for another scene with Ceci. YAY.

Year 4, 1/11

After all the scenes you will get access to making the boat. Time to gather some materials for dad.

You're gonna need a lot of ingots and cloth. I suggest you have the Chim's help you by duplicating anything you haven't already.

Stuff you 'may need to duplicate or gather:

  • [Ingot] x10
  • [Lumber] x47
  • [Cloth] x10
  • Sylph Breath x3 (you may have left overs from all the armor and weapon crafting)
  • Tar Liquid x5
  • Komet x3

Stuff you SHOULD have registered:

Stuff you can't get until you can rank up:

  • Shining Saucer x5

Get the Chim's duplicating for what you don't have already. If you have extra Chim's double up on stuff like the Ingots that take a while to make.

Head to Arland to kill some time while the Chim's work.

Boat DismantlingForged Anchor
Whirlwind Sail
Proofed Deck
Centenary Hull
Mystic Prow

Year 4, 1/19

Rorona Flag

  • 6 months after the previous flag trigger, Rorona will ask if you like Alchemy or Adventuring more.

Totori's answer will depend on which is higher, your alchemy or adventure level. Either way counts.


This is the last scene before you can choose to trigger her flag. The conditions for triggering it are getting Alchemy Level 50 and then synthing at Rorona's workshop. Simply put, when you get around 45-48 Alchemy Level, do ALL your crafting at Totori's. This will be easy because you will have that damn Warp Gate by then.

Mimi Flag

  • Head to the world ma for a scene with Mimi about gathering materials for the ship.

You have approx. 5 months to do whatever you want. I suggest you fulfill as many Filly quests that you can and get some levels for Mimi. You will also want to make the ship parts as the items get completed in duplication. You should have all ship parts done by 4/6/1.

Year 4, 6/1

You will automatically go to the Adventurer's Guild for your Cobalt Rank Up. Make sure to TALK to Cordelia to get the rank window.

Chim Ending

  • FINALLY! Your fifth Chim. This is the last one. Now all you have to do it put them to work constantly for the flag.

BE WARNED... If you use the last Water of Life you will miss out on recipe that uses the Water of Life. If you hold onto the Water of Life for a while you will eventually get the recipe, but you need all 5 Chim's for Chim Ending. This means it's impossible to have all the License Points and the Chim Ending in one save. You can however, hold onto the Water of Life for the entire game, use it for the Chim Ending (using the 5th Chim as your Point of No Return and ignoring the 34 Large Pie limit - note your other 4 Chim's MUST work nonstop to make up for one less Chim to reach 35 Large Pies) and then use the Water of Life on any other Ending to get the 4,000 License Points and the Library Entry in your Extra's Menu.



The Chim Flag is very random to get because it is based on the amount of pies they eat. Just keep looking at their LARGE PIE count. Once they are close to 35 LARGE PIES make them ALL stop working.

I will make a note of when I stopped them from working, but you could get yours sooner or later depending on how hard they work.

Let's get that damn Warp Gate so we don't need to use the carriage anymore. Head to the world map and select Hermit's Home.

Moonlight Forest
Old Sanctuary
Neumont Forest
Mutant Forest
Hermit's Home
Night's Domain
Dusk Throne
Mist Ruins
Crystal Spot

Year 4, 6/8

Harvest and make sure to get the Azure Wing from the chest and leave before the end of the 8th for Mutant Forest.

Year 4, 6/10

Harvest and leave before the end of the 10th for Arland.

Year 4, 6/19

SAVE NOW and then craft the Warp Gate.


  • Rorona has been holding out on you with her books for a while, but she now gives you the last one.
Rorona Danger BookDark Water

Year 4, 6/24

Grab the Warp Gate from your container and keep it with you always. Use it via the basket (on the world map) and select Atelier Totori.

TADA! Insta-travel between any place to either atelier. This is gonna make your like so much easier. Everything is now a one-way trip.

Melvia Flag

  • Talk to Mel and she will mention taking Ceci out adventuring.
  • Now talk to Ceci, who agrees to do it sometime.

You can start turning in the boat items to Guid at the Wharf, but you still need to make a Helm.

They need to be in your bag and a day will pass after turning in every 2.

Year 4, 6/26

Now let's go get those Shining Saucers. Warp to Arland and then head to Night's Domain.

Year 4, 7/5

Harvest all locations for License Points and leave before the end of the 9th for Dusk Throne.

Year 4, 7/12

Make sure to stand on the throne for License Points and harvest and fight, but leave before the end of the 13th via Warp Gate.

Year 4, 7/14

Firstly, have a Chim start to duplicate the Shining Saucers, since you probably didn't harvest 5.

Do some Spring Cuping, if you haven't already been keeping track and doing it. Now that you can warp to Alanya at anytime, you should be going there after every restock in a day that ends in 1 or 2.

I was at about 100k now.

Now is a good time to make your shops PERFECT. This way you don't have duplicate items in each store. Here is what I had at each:






These are just what I had; don't go out of your way to craft to get the same items in there if you don't have them.

Let's go get more License Points while we wait for the Chim's and Mel's Flag to come up. From Alanya, head to the Mist Ruins.

Year 4, 7/24

Harvest and fight and leave before the then of the 25th for Arland via the Warp Gate. Make sure you head to the altar in back for License Points.

Year 4, 7/26

From Arland, head to Moonlight Forest.

Year 4, 8/4

Harvest and leave before the end of the 4th for Old Sanctuary.

Year 4, 8/9

The Dragon here can be hard if you don't have good gear, but we should. Take him out by going all out and then get the landmark altar before leaving by the end of the 9th for Neumont Forest.

Year 4, 8/18

Clear out all the harvest points here and take out the T. Bomb Squirrel. Leave before the end of the 21st to Alanya (I'm gonna stop saying via Warp Gate now).

If you didn't have enough Shining Saucers, you should now.

Year 4, 8/22

Melvia Flag

  • Put Melvia in your party and invite Ceci out.

Year 4, 8/24

You should now be able to make the last boat piece. Make it and put it in your bag, but don't drop it off to Guid yet.

Year 4, 8/29

Warp to Arland, get Sterk and head back into Atelier Rorona.

Head to the Wharf and hand over the last boat piece.


  • If you held onto that last Water of Life this long, Rorona will give you the Chim Pie recipe. You can save and try and make it without a 5th Chim if you want, but if you are not wanting to risk replaying the last 2 years, I suggest you just make the 5th Chim now.
Wonderful RecipeChim Pie

If you want to see the 3rd Bad Ending. Make an alternate save here. The 1st and 2nd Bad Ending are easy to get, as all you have to do is sleep though certain aspects of the game and do no work. This one requires enough work done to get Cobalt Rank, which is a pain.

Year 4, 8/30

We have a long journey ahead of us, so let's make sure you have done the following:

  • Hired Sterk and Mimi.
  • Have all the Chim's set to make pies for themselves.
  • Have at least 2 BIG Bombs (like Meteor, Mega Bombs, etc) on you or in your container in case of emergency if the ones you brought don't do enough damage.
  • Used up any Spring Cups that have restocked (I had about 150k by now).
  • Sold any items you have a lot of. (Your inventory is getting full and we are going to the areas with some of the best items in the game. Sell off anything you have more than 15 of and make room for these new items).
  • Saved your game in a new slot if you want that 3rd Bad Ending and in case of death.

Mimi Flag

  • Head back to the Wharf and say goodbye. That's right folks... in 3 days you too can have a HUGE ship too.

It is possible to not take her on the ship the first time, but she needs to be present for the next boss fight. Better to get her now then to have to come back.

Some people have experienced issues getting Rorona's Point of No Return after reaching the Frontier Village, so make sure you have this before leaving.

Once you have control, head to the Island of Beginnings.

Island of Beginnings
Anchor Point
Rock Island
Mushroom Island

Year 4, 9/2

Harvest some Seahorses and leave before the end of the 2nd for Anchor Point.

Year 4, 9/4

Harvest and leave before the end of the 4th via the west side to unlock Himmel Way, which you should go to next.

Himmel Way

Year 4, 9/7

Harvest or fight and leave before the end of the 7th via the south exit to unlock Grune Rainforest, which you'll be going to now.

Grune Rainforest

Year 4, 9/11

When you enter, turn back toward the exit and get the harvest point hidden here. Now harvest all the points here, avoiding the Queen Bee boss unless you want to try it out and saved before you left Alanya, and exiting to the southeast to unlock the Jungle Ruins before the end of the 15th.

Jungle Ruins

Year 4, 9/19

Harvest and leave to the south before the end of the 19th to unlock Oceanic Hill.

Oceanic Hill

Year 4, 9/21

Harvest or fight and leave before the end of the 21st for Jungle Ruins.

Year 4, 9/23

Leave to the northeast this time by the end of the 23rd to unlock the Beast's Den.

Beast's Den

Year 4, 9/26

Harvest and leave to the northeast by the end of the 26th to unlock the Primordial Cave.

Primordial Cave

Year 4, 9/28

Make sure to get the altar landmark for License Points and leave by the end of the 28th for Beast's Den.

Year 4, 9/30

Leave to the east this time by the end of the 30th to unlock the Himmel Gate.

Himmel Gate

Year 4, 10/3

Use a bomb to get past the rock and leave to the north by the end of the 3rd to unlock the Grand Horn.

Grand Horn

Year 4, 10/5

Harvest every point here and make sure to get the Floating Tree landmark and Elder Griffon mini-boss fight before leaving at the end of the 9th for Alanya.

Year 4, 10/10

Melvia Flag

  • Put Mel in your party and take Ceci out to adventure again


30 days after this event you are suppose to take Ceci out again. This is an easy flag to avoid until you want it; simply don't invite Ceci out again.

Year 4, 10/19


Mimi Flag

  • Make sure Mimi is in your for the next bit, as we are headed to the boss fight.

From Alnaya, head out to Rock Island.

Year 4, 10/24

Harvest some new fish types and leave before the end of the 24th for Mushroom Island.

Year 4, 10/28

Harvest and fight and leave before the end of the 28th for Altmeier.

You should equip the Dragon Repel weapons if you have them.

Year 4, 11/2

The Flauscetraut will attack. WOOOT!! What a push over... at level 40 the guy could barely hurt me. I used Vitality Pills to up Totori's HP, but she really didn't need it. I also used Mystery Ankh to get DEF+, as well, but that didn't matter much either. When my allies got low life I used normal attacks (since Skills don't get the Convert Damage attribute) or healing items.

Be sure to go INTO Altmeier after the battle and gather all the harvest points here and leave before the end of the 6th for Tiny Island.

Tiny Island

Year 4, 11/10

Harvest and leave to the south before the end of the 10th to unlock Lost Island and Jungle Island. Head to Lost Island.

Jungle Island
Lost Island

Year 4, 11/16

Harvest and milk the goat and leave to the south before the end of the 16th to unlock Ruin Island and Desolate Island. Head to Ruin Island.

Desolate Island
Ruin Island

Year 4, 11/22

Harvest and leave to the east before the end of the 22nd to unlock the Northern Lands.

Epic PoemsAngel Charm
Shadow Band
Warrior Mask
Mythical Ring

Northern Lands

Year 4, 11/27

Harvest and leave to the north before the end of the 27th to unlock the Frontier Village.

Frontier Village

Year 4, 11/29

Watch the scene... can I make snow angels PLEASEEEE. Piana is so cute. I wanna take her home with me.

Head east toward the grave. Awww really. Yay for finally seeing mom and flashbacks. Get "Tragic Discovery" trophy.

The well here gives the highest quality Water, in case you are, but you probably won't.

Year 4, 11/30

Mimi Flag

  • Leave town and watch more scenes including stuff about Mimi. Get "Aristocratic Love" trophy.

Warp back to Alanya for more scenes. Ahahah she followed me.


  • Head to the Dining Room for a scene with Ceci and Piana. You will need to see a few of these to get a trophy, so check back whenever you're in town.

Year 4, 12/1

Warp to Arland.

Mimi Flag

  • Talk to Mimi at the Adventurer's Guild.

Gerhard's Beer Hunting

  • We can finally craft the drinks that we got the recipes for ages ago. Do that now.

I'm gonna write the dates as if you didn't have any of the pre-req. drinks made. If you had these registered, you can burn some time here.

Spring Cup reminder. Get it as often as you can on every date with 1 or 2 at the end. You should easily have 200k at month's end.

Year 4, 12/11

Gerhard's Beer Hunting

  • Take the drinks and give them to Gerhard.

Go to the wharf and talk to Guid and Marc. Turning in the items Shining Saucer and Plantine (buy from Hagel) will make your boat go twice as fast. THANK GOD.

Now we need to burn a month. This is a good time to catch up on anything you might have missed previously, any areas you haven't uncovered, and craft any items you want to check out.


  • You can talk to Ceci to see her response to your drinks.
  • Head to Hagel's Shop and you'll see a scene where Totori mentions the similarity between Gerhard and Hagel's voice.

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