• Extra Hard Difficulty

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Extra Hard difficultyComplete any route on Hard difficulty

    Contributed By: Shadow_AP.

  • Extra Missions

    Extra missions are all on easy, and are graded by time elapsed. No upgrades are carried over, on either unit or pilot.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Aquarion hunt challenge: Find 5 spheres using the radar at the top of the screen as quickly as possible while Cherubim Soldiers appear to attack youComplete one plathrough and play the Aquarion route up to stage 5
    Battleship Hunting: Use Orguss to defeat as many battleships as possible in the time limitComplete one plathrough and play the Orguss route to the combined path
    Destruction: Use Alt Eisen to destroy all buildings in the stage. The enemies are only markers, and are not relevant.Complete one plathrough and play the Original Generations route to the combined path
    Flight course: Use the VF-0A to fly through the ring courseComplete one plathrough and play the Macross Zero route to the combined path
    Hyaku Shiki Challenge: Fight Hambrabis in the Space Elevator - being hit by the automatic defenses is an instant deathBeat the game once, and play the Zeta Route to at least stage 5
    Macross Quarter: Use the battleship Macross Quarter's Battroid form to defeat Vajra swarmsComplete one plathrough and play the Macross Frontier route to the combined path
    Perfect Combat Challenge: Use Strike Freedom in this mission for as long as possible without taking any damageComplete one plathrough and play the Seed Destiny route to the combined path
    Season Rush: Use Nineball Seraph to defeat 1000 various Season units, with bosses at 250 kill intervalsComplete all non-Extra missions. It will appear after completing the second or third stage on your last route
    Series Rush: Fight almost all enemies and bosses from all included series one after anotherBeat the game once and Continue into a new game
    Sniping Challenge: Use Kurz's M9 with infinite tension to snipe targets against the clockComplete one plathrough and play the Full Metal Panic! route to the combined path

    Contributed By: Shadow_AP.

  • Unlockable Units

    How to unlock secret units in the game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bonta-kunAt the start of your 7th playthrough.
    Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full ClothAt the start of your 12th playthrough.
    Guren Mk-IIAt the start of your 5th playthrough.
    Hi-Nu Gundam & Crossbone Gundam X-1At the start of your 10th playthrough.
    Koing MonsterAfter you encounter her in story mode on the 4th playthrough.
    Lancelot & Lancelot Air CalvaryAt the start of your 9th playthrough.
    Nu GundamAt the start of your 2nd playthrough.
    Sousuke's M9At the start of your 3rd playthrough.
    VF-0S & Armored KlanAt the start of your 11th playthrough.
    XANAt the start of your 8th playthrough.
    Z-3 White Unicorn CustomAt the start of your 6th playthrough or Pre-Order code.

    Contributed By: Genroh.


  • Trophies

    ACE PILOT IS YOUObtain every other trophyPlatinum
    AttackerDestroy 100 enemies with a Burst AttackBronze
    Burst, Britannia!Use the Guren's Radiation Wave attack to destroy the Lancelot, Tristan and Mordred in the mission "Red Suprise Strategy"Bronze
    Catch and ReleaseHit 50 enemies with a Throw AttackBronze
    CheckmateClear Code Geass route on any difficultyBronze
    CrusherDestroy 2000 total objectsBronze
    DestroyerDestroy 1000 ojbects in one mission on any difficultyBronze
    EarthshakerClear the Macross Zero route on any difficultyBronze
    Elemental PowerUsing either Solar Aquarion, Aquarion Mars or Aquarion Luna, destroy the Grave CherudimBronze
    Extras CompleteRush AttackBronze
    Frozen OverFreeze 10 enemies at the same time with King Gainer's Time Freeze AttackBronze
    Full BurstDestroy 5 enemies at the same time with Strike Freedom's Hi-Mat AttackBronze
    Genesis FusionClear Aquarion route on any difficultyBronze
    Guard MasterBlock 1000 attacks with your shieldBronze
    Hotblood!Clear the Super Robot Wars OG route on any difficultyBronze
    InterceptorCounter 500 attacks with automatic interceptionBronze
    Kadun ConflictDestroy 500 enemies in the Battroid form of the VF-0ABronze
    King's TitleClear Overman King Gainer route on any difficultyBronze
    LeaderClear any route on HARD difficultySilver
    Limit BreakerDestroy 100 enemies with a Limit Break AttackBronze
    Little Lost ChildMove the Cybuster 4000kmBronze
    More than a ManClear Crossbone Gundam route on any difficultyBronze
    Muramasa BusterDestroy 5 enemies at the same time with Crossbone Gundam X3's Muramasa Buster AttackBronze
    One NightComplete the mission "One Night Stand" without destroying any containersBronze
    Perfect WinClear any mission on any route on any difficulty without taking any damageSilver
    Person with SEEDClear Gundam Seed Destiny route on any difficultyBronze
    PilotClear any route on NORMAL difficultyBronze
    RookieClear any route on EASY difficultyBronze
    Round UpDestroy 300 enemies with explosionsBronze
    Routes CompleteComplete all routes on any difficultyBronze
    SamuraiDestroy 1000 enemies with a Combo AtackBronze
    SingularityClear Orguss route on any difficultyBronze
    Skeet ShootingDestroy 50 enemies with a rock throw attackBronze
    SniperDestroy 300 enemies with a Sniper AttackBronze
    Stand AloneSolo 10 missions on any difficultySilver
    Tank ManiacDestroy 100 enemies in the Tank form of the OrgussBronze
    Tears of TimeClear Zeta Gundam route on any difficultyBronze
    THANKS INSTALLInstall game data to HDDBronze
    The Guy I Like is a SergeantClear Full Metal Panic! route on any difficultyBronze
    The Last ChaseClear the mission "The Two Songstresses" on any difficultyGold
    The Real SkyClear the Macross Frontier route on any difficultyBronze
    Top GunDestroy 1000 enemies with any Unit in "Fighter Mode"Bronze
    Units CompleteObtain every unitSilver
    VeteranClear any route on EXTRA HARD difficultyGold
    Warriors Blood, Actor's BloodKill Tehmzin in the "Fastest Delivery" mission with the VF-25F Rush AttackBronze
    Z BeatDefeat Yazan's Hamurabi in the "Road to the Sky" mission within 10 minutesBronze

    Contributed By: Mwulf.

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