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All All Open Questions for Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do I beat the enemies on 10-6? 3
RP and Enemy Magichange? 1

Other Help Answers
Add-on Q ? 1
Any way to increase the chances of the Meowkin Pirates? 5
Are skills kept after reincarnation? 2
Can a Masked Hero learn Big Bang naturally (w/o Chara World)? 2
can anyone tell me how to make a Lv 300 Item? 2
Can you duplicate items from characters on test maps? 1
Can you have a online buddy give you strong items? 2
Can you help me for 300 aptitude units? 2
Can you learn skills from the previous Disgaea's? 2
Cant delete a generic even though it isn't 'uploaded' anywhere? 2
Chara World & Reincarnation? Various Questions 2
Cycle 2 after game over? 1
Demon Council voting manipulation? 2
Disgaea 4 Online please help? 2
Disgaea 4 Team? 1
Exactly how do you get the Skill NPC in the Chara World to appear? 3
Finding New User Maps? 1
Flashback eposide? 1
Galaxy/prism? 1
Game patch and DLC Asagi won't work??? 1
GameFaqs won't accept my save? 1
How can i delete a character? 5
How can i use DLC characters? I beated the game and Asagi but couldnt find them. 1
How did you do that? 1
How do i unlock ore evilities for characters? 2
How do you clear the 4th stage of Tyrant Valvatorez DLC? 1
How do you move units around in HQ? 2
How do you pronounce Flughude? 4
How does the thing that shows how much damage your attack is about to do work? 2
How much mana do I need to pass the bill for kurtis? 1
How to dual merge and giant merge properly? 3
How to edit character description? 1
How to get demon flonne ? 1
How to unlock zetta? 3
I can't use Friend pirates? 1
I have everything for the land of carnage but its not letting me in? 5
Is there a turn limit in battle? 1
Is there another type of mana evil symbol? 2
Is this the end? 7
Item duplication promblem? 4
Majin Hanako? 2
Meowkin pirates chances? 1
Music Zetta? 1
Need max stats game saves ? 1
Old skills Master (Prinny)? 1
Peta Skills and Legendary Skills? 2
Positions for the Legendary Tree? 1
Priere Dlc? 2
Puppy paw stick steal percentages? 1
Redeem code for fallen angel flonne? 1
Reincarnation? 3
Save file for disgaea 4? 2
Specialty Shop (Evil Symbol)? 1
Trading Items like in Disgaea DS? 1
Transferring save file works? 1
Unlocking the Monk? 3
Using the Holt Village DLC? 2
Version 1.01 save data? 1
VERY early leveling tips? 1
What are all of the geo effects? 1
What are the prism ranger class tiers, weapon fortes and level requirements? 1
What do the "Sardines" do? 1
What do u have to do to unlock the dragon class? 1
What does the CP mean from doing foreign minister? 2
What level is Mao and Adell in the DLC fights? 2
What's the difference between the Death Saber and the Cat Saber? 3
When can u use the dlc for maos ship and the big battle ship? 3
where can i find US saves fa disgaea 4 ? 1
Where can i find wood golem? 1
Where do I enter the FA Flonne Code? 2
Where is Pram ? 1

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