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     Disgaea 4 - Ending Guide -
     - by WongEXE

     Version 1.03
     Last Updated: 2011.09.29


Note: This guide will contain minimal spoilers (mostly
      character names and appearances). Nothing else will
      be mentioned. If you do not wish to partake in having
      any of that spoiled, I strongly suggest you do not
      review over this guide until you've completed at
      least one playthrough of the game.


Table of Contents.

 1.0. Introduction
   1.A. - Version History
   1.B. - Frequently Asked Questions

 2.0. Ending Requirements
   2.A. - Alt. Ending: Emizel
   2.B. - Alt. Ending: Fuka
   2.C. - Alt. Ending: Desco
   2.D. - Alt. Ending: Vulcanus (?)
   2.E. - Alt. Ending: Axel
   2.F. - Epilogue: Fenrich
   2.G. - Epilogue: Fuka
   2.H. - Epilogue: Desco
   2.I. - Epilogue: Emizel
   2.J. - Epilogue: Artina
   2.K. - Epilogue: Battle Against God
   2.L. - Post Game: All Cleared

 3.0. Full Endings Run
   3.A. - Recommended Ending Order
   3.B. - How to Start a New Cycle
   3.C. - Preparations for Speed Running Endings

 4.0. Speed Run Strategies
   4.A. - Episode 1 Stages
   4.B. - Episode 2 Stages
   4.C. - Episode 3 Stages
   4.D. - Episode 4 Stages
   4.E. - Episode 5 Stages
   4.F. - Episode 6 Stages
   4.G. - Episode 7 Stages
   4.H. - Episode 8 Stages
   4.I. - Episode 9 Stages
   4.J. - Final Episode Stages
   4.K. - Post Game Extra Battle Stages
   4.L. - General Bossing Strategies

 5.0. Legal Stuff

Part 1.0. Introduction

Hi, I'm Wong. I like Disgaea 4.

Part 1.A. - Version History

2011.09.29 - Version 1.03
- Updated requirements for Artina.

2011.09.21 - Version 1.02
- Updated requirements for Emizel.
- Fixed a few typos.

2011.09.15 - Version 1.01
- Updated requirements for Emizel and Desco epilogues.
- Updated requirements for True End.
- Added General Bossing Strategies.

2011.09.14 - Version 1.00
- Created guide.

Part 1.B. - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions regarding endings, just send me a
message on GameFAQs and I'll do my best to answer it. I
won't answer any questions that have been covered here or
in this guide.


Q: Question?
A: Answer.


Q: How do I start a new cycle?
A: If you've gotten a bad end or the true end, the cycle
   process will start after the credits and whatever follow-
   ing scenes it may show. If you're in Post Game, go to the
   back of your base where the sludge NPC is and there's a
   Lady Samurai there. Talk to her and she'll ask you if you
   want to go back in time. Pick yes and you'll begin a new


Q: What is kept after starting a new cycle?
A: Pretty much everything. Characters, levels, equipment,
   unlocked NPC's, custom maps, pirate data, etc. The only
   things I know that reset are the Extra Battle bills. You
   will need to pass those again and redo them.


Q: Do I still get the trophy for watching an ending if I do
   follow up with the new cycle?
A: Yes. You'll get the trophy. However, the data will not be
   recorded under the Data Shop unless you go through with
   the new cycle.


Q: How do I remove a relationship established by the
   Legendary Tree?
A: Have the character you want to break the relationship
   call up the Senate. There should be an option near the
   end to cancel out the relationship.

Part 2.0. Ending Requirements

These are the endings shown in your base's Data Shop. There
are multiple ways to acquire some endings but not all. This
part will cover just the bare minimum on how to reach each
of the endings.

Part 2.A. - Alt Ending: Emizel
Requirements: Game Over (lose 10 units) in battle 1-5 or
  2-4. Both endings unlock only one entry in Data Shop if
  that means anything to you. They're minutely different,
  but for the most part the same.

Part 2.B. - Alt Ending: Fuka
Requirements: Game Over (lose 10 units) in battle 2-5.

Part 2.C. - Alt Ending: Desco
Requirements: Game Over (lose 10 units) in battle 3-6.

Part 2.D. - Alt Ending: Vulcanus (?)
Requirements: Game Over (lose 10 units) in battle 5-6.

Part 2.E. - Alt Ending: Axel
Requirements: Game Over (lose 10 units) in battle 6-7.

Part 2.F. - Epilogue: Fenrich
Requirements: Set Val as the leader of the Legendary Tree in
  the Cam-Pain HQ. Set Fenrich set as his comrade. Perform
  10 team attacks over the course of the game using the two
  of them, re-visit the  Cam-Pain HQ to acknowledge each
  other as comrades. After that, beat the game normally.

Note: Only one Epilogue may be viewed through playthrough.

Part 2.G. - Epilogue: Fuka
Requirements: Set Val as the leader of the Legendary Tree in
  the Cam-Pain HQ. Set Fuka set as his mentor. Have Val
  stand next to Fuka and use any skills Fuka has to share
  (Target Lock is a good choice). Use this skill 10 times.
  Re-visit the Cam-Pain HQ to acknowledge Fuka as Val's
  mentor. After that, beat the game normally.

Note: Only one Epilogue may be viewed through playthrough.

Part 2.H. - Epilogue: Desco
Requirements: Set Val as the leader of the Legendary Tree in
  the Cam-Pain HQ. Set Desco set as his stepsibling. Place
  the Defense Fortress and Overlap it with Val so he can
  use Protect. Have Val stand adjacent to Desco and defend
  her 10 times while having someone attack Desco. If done
  right, Val will take the hit for Desco. Re-visit the
  Camp-Pain HQ to have them acknowledge each other as
  stepsiblings. Then beat the game normally.

Note: Only one Epilogue may be viewed through playthrough.

Part 2.I. - Epilogue: Emizel
Requirements: Set Val as the leader of the Legendary Tree in
  the Cam-Pain HQ. Set Emizel as his rival. Have them attack
  each other 10 times and countering each time. Multiple
  counters from one attack do not count as more than 1. Both
  Val and Emizel must be either empty-handed or equipped
  with fists. Then re-visit the Cam-Pain HQ and watch them
  acknowledge each  other as rivals. Then beat the game

Note: Only one Epilogue may be viewed through playthrough.

Part 2.J. - Epilogue: Artina
Requirements: There are two methods to this epilogue.

1) Beat the game normally without meeting the requirements
   for any of the other epilogues.
2) If there is another requirement met, meeting Artina's
   requirement will take priority. Set Val as the leader
   of the Legendary Tree in the Cam-Pain HQ. Set Artina as
   his lover. Have Val heal Artina in battle for 10 turns.
   Re-visit the Cam-Pain HQ to acknowledge each other as
   lovers. Beat the game normally.

Note: Only one Epilogue may be viewed through playthrough.

Part 2.K. - Epilogue: Battle Against God
Requirements: This epilogue requires you to have beaten the
  game normally already and are on a new cycle. Val must be
  at least level 500. Have Val clear 10-6 by himself. Upon
  entering 10-7, a different battle will occur as opposed
  to the normal final battle.

Note: Some people have said that being able to trigger other
   epilogues will prevent this ending from triggering. This
   is not true. The only triggers are Val must be 500+ and
   he must clear 10-6 by himself. Tested by myself.

Note 2: This ending does not lead to the Post Game. It will
   lead to a new cycle, however.

Part 2.L. - Post Game: All Cleared
Requirements: Beat a game normally to reach Post Game. Pass
   the bills for unlocking Extra Battles 1 through 6. Beat
   6 and you will have unlocked the Post Game Ending.

Note: This doesn't prompt a new cycle.

Part 3.0. Full Endings Run

This section contains strategies and what I consider to be
the optimal way to run through the game and acquire all the
endings. I will not post a walkthrough on how to get through
the game the first time around (as I strongly suggest that
you enjoy it and not do something like following a guide to
ruin your entertainment and experience).

Part 3.A. - Recommended Ending Order

You can save prior to the bad ends and continue without
starting a new cycle. However, this will not record the
ending in the Data Shop. So for you OCD players out there
like me, this game will take a total of 12 runs.

I strongly recommend completing the endings in this order:

 1. Normal Ending, Artina Epilogue
 2. Bad Ending Emizel #1
 3. Bad Ending Emizel #2
 4. Bad Ending Fuka
 5. Bad Ending Desco
 6. Bad Ending Vulcanus (?)
 7. Bad Ending Axel
 8. True Ending: Battle Against God
 9. Normal Ending, Fenrich Epilogue
10. Normal Ending, Fuka Epilogue
11. Normal Ending, Desco Epilogue
12. Normal Ending, Emizel Epilogue

The epilogue endings can be done in any order, but I just
like to go down the list with the exception of Artina since
hers is the default and does not require extra work.

The Post Game ending can be acquired on any of the Normal
Ending runs. I recommend that you get it on your last run
since you have to re-unlock all of the Extra Battles and
whatnot. However, if you wish to do it on your first or an
earlier run, by all means. Just don't say I didn't warn you.

Part 3.B. - How to Start a New Cycle

Doing any of the bad ends or the true end will lead into
the save menu which will start a new cycle. However, if you
have completed the game normally, you must talk to the Time
Traveler NPC at the back of your base once you reach Post
Game. Pick the option to go back in time and the Time
Traveler will grant you your wish. Until you reach Post Game
again, the Time Traveler will be gone.

Part 3.C. - Preparations for Speed Running Endings

This part of the guide will assume that you've cleared the
game normally at least once and will have access to the
majority of unlocked classes and monsters. Here's a list of
classes and monsters you should create:

1. Create 9x Prinnies with the Good-For-Nothing setting.
   Take their points out of anywhere you wish. Create a
   humanoid class with low HP using the Good-For-Nothing
   setting as well. These 10 units will be used to speed
   run your bad ends.

   You will group together the Prinnies, have your low HP
   humanoid pick up one of the Prinnies, and toss it upon
   the group. This will causing a huge explosion chain and
   the damage from each explosion will kill off the low HP
   humanoid, too, allowing for an instant KO.

   That said, it's in your best interest to not level up
   the humanoid. You may use the Prinnies in battle if you
   wish since their deaths are practically immediate upon
   receiving an explosion from another Prinny of any level.

2. Create 3 or 4 Mages or Witches. Preferably of different
   elements. Boost their lowest ranked magic spell (Fire,
   Wind, Ice, or Star) as high as you can so you can get a
   huge Area of Effect and immense range. I recommend you
   to level them a bit, too. (I had mine leveled to 300)

   If possible, equip them with an Evility that raises
   their magic range, too.

3. Create a healer. Raise her lowest ranked Heal spell as
   high as you can. This healer will be used in a few of the
   story maps that possess Reverse Damage. I recommend you
   to level her, too. (My healer was 300-ish)

   If possible, have the healer learn some bow skills,
   too, in case you need an extra attack to finish a map.

4. Create a Mothman and unlock the Nether Shoe Lab if you
   haven't already. Level up the Mothman a bit and if you
   want, take it to Chara World a few times to raise its
   movement range. Place the Mothman under the Nether Shoe
   Lab. This makes the Mothman move much farther but only
   in straight lines. However, this works well with the
   Mothman since it's a flying unit, which allows it to
   move past enemies. You'll be using this Mothman to make
   bee-lines towards annoying Geo Symbols positioned at the
   back of some maps.

5. Unlock the Rosen Queen evil symbol and place it on the
   map somewhere. Check the shop and see if it has shoes for
   sale. If it doesn't, place it somewhere else and keep
   checking until it does. For all of your speed runners,
   with the exception of the sacrificial Prinnies and low-HP
   humanoid, buy for them 3 pairs of shoes. If you can get
   Angel's Shoes, that'd be optimal since they're plentiful,
   add +1 Move, and add a lot of Jump. This will speed up
   your playthroughs by a whole lot. Remember, 3 pairs of
   shoes for everyone.

   One place on the map that I know will sell Angel's Shoes
   is the area after clearing Mt. Ordeal 4. If you don't
   have that unlocked, just settle for something else with
   movement and jump bonuses.

6. Level up your main attacking force at at least level
   300-ish and at least 500-ish for Val (so you don't need
   to level him later for the True End ending run). If you
   want to be safe, have your story characters be around
   at least level 1000 so you can steamroll through the
   story if needed.

7. Keep a weapon on you that's at least level 10 so you can
   have quick access to the end of Episode 3.

8. Before jumping onto the ending speed run spree, remember
   to nullify any Stronger Enemy Bills using the Weakest
   Enemy Bill.

Part 4.0. Speed Run Strategies

This section is by no means a walkthrough. This is mostly
for those who have followed my recommended preparations and
would like some tips I've picked up along the way to quickly
clear stages.

Part 4.A. - Episode 1 Stages

Stage 1-1: Rehabilitation Room
- Throw the Prinny on the side towards the center group and
you'll have cleared the map.


Stage 1-2: Reincarnation Site
- Straightforward beatdown. Nothing special here.


Stage 1-3: Prinselytise Room
- Use AoE to clear this map quickly.


Stage 1-4: Albatross Collar
- Straightforward beatdown. Nothing special here.


Stage 1-5: Disaster First
- Lose here if you wish to see Emizel's Bad End #1.

- Straightforward beatdown. Nothing special here.

Part 4.B. - Episode 2 Stages

Stage 2-1: Rotten Sickbed
- If you have 3 Angel's Shoes on your characters, you can
scale the walls easily. Makes way for a faster stage clear.


Stage 2-2: Hypha Invasion
- Use a mage to snipe the two Geo Blocks so you can use your
AoE skills on the group of Zombies. Everything else is a
simple beatdown.


Stage 2-3: Forest of Corpses
- If Val has Rune Dimension, it's amazing here. Use your
mages to clear out the rows of monsters.


Stage 2-4: Whispering Curse
- Lose here if you wish to see Emizel's Bad End #2.

- Clear the path of Sludges first, then run your mages in
and clear the ghosts and boss. Killing the boss here doesn't
end the battle so clean up the rest of the monsters.


Stage 2-5: Plan of the Wicked
- Rush to the back and take out the boss and/or Geo Block.
Afterwards, clean up whatever monsters come your way. This
is a simple beatdown.


Stage 2-6: Altar of Waste
- Rush Val and Fenrich to the back Geoblocks. Take them out
by the second turn so that your mages can cast at range and
so that not more clones will be created.

Part 4.C. - Episode 3 Stages

Remember to rearrange your party roster since Fuka joined.


Stage 3-1: Murder Labrynth
- Huge map. Just take your mages and go wild with AoE since
they tend to cluster nicely.


Stage 3-2: Searing Euthanasia
- Monsters are clustered nicely for AoE spells. Make use of
your mages.


Stage 3-3: Chains of Judgment
- Large map. Personally, I'd ignore the Damage 20%'s since
if this is a second playthrough, you'd kill all of these
monsters before 5 turns are over. Just steamroll them.


Stage 3-4: Vengeful Road
- Split up your party into two here and have your mages
snipe the side lines while your melee units confront the
middle groups.


Stage 3-5: Dark Execution
- Annoyingly large stage. Use your mages to hit high height
targets if your melee units can't.


Stage 3-6: The Forbidden Cell
- Equip your level 10+ Weapon to access this area. Remember
to switch back your weapon after unlocking the area. 

- Lose here if you need to view Desco's Bad End.

- Val's Bloody Hole can hit targets on all sides of them so
you can still use AoE attacks. Still, make a bee-line for
the No Range Geoblock and get rid of it. After that, snipe
Desco with your mage. You don't have to clear all enemies on
the map.

- If you have Val with +2 Movement from Chara World and
Fenrich with +2 Movement as well, equip both of them with
3 boots. Take out the Mothman in the middle and run both
Fenrich and Val straight down the middle. Have Fenrich throw
Val closer to Desco and he will be able to reach her with a
Rune Dimension. This will clear the stage immediately if he
defeats her.

Part 4.D. - Episode 4 Stages

Remember to rearrange your party roster since Desco joined.


Stage 4-1: Ultra Security
- Nothing too special. Use mages and Desco to clear units on
the other side of the No Entry geopanels. Have your melee
units clear units on their way around.


Stage 4-2: Rotten Core
- Lots of ninjas. Attack them from the side and rear so you
won't have to deal with their evasion passive.


Stage 4-3: Total Fabrication
- Annoyingly long stage. Have two people with good throwing
(like Val and Fenrich) to go different paths. Remember, for
the last ninja, you only need to clear the blue blocks and
not the aqua blocks.


Stage 4-4: Conspiracy
- Use your mages to snipe across the walls. Have them take
the legendary chests, too. Easy stage.


Stage 4-5: Evil Propaganda
- Use your mages to snipe the ninjas on the side and the red
Geoblock that causes Ally Damage 50%. Kill off the rest of
the ninjas.


Stage 4-6: Fall of Zenith
- Mages with decent AoE can take out the front of the center
tower. Send one mage to the right side of the map to take
out the two ninjas next to the yellow Geoblock. Send every-
one else to the left to make their way around.

Part 4.E. - Episode 5 Stages

Remember to rearrange your party roster since Emizel joined.


Stage 5-1: Scream Park
- If you have enough movement, clean up the geoblocks in the
back. With them gone, the map's much easier.


Stage 5-2: Lost Dignity
- With enough movement range and AoE, you can clean out all
four groups at once. Easy map.


Stage 5-3: Wounded Pride
- Take out your healers here for the Reverse Damage panels.
If they have 5 panel AoE, this should be very quick.


Stage 5-4: Ruin Coaster
- Have your mages cast their AoE spells while standing on
the base panel to take out the Bouncers on the side and the
three middle units on the green panels. A Rune Dimension
from Val (if he has it) will take care of the remaining
characters on the green panels. Finish off the remaining


Stage 5-5: Frantic Wheel
- Use your mage to take out the red No Entry Geoblock. Then,
have anyone with high movespeed to throw the Mighty Enemy
Geoblock between the two Rifle Demons out of the way. The
rest is easy.


Stage 5-6: Murder-Go-Round
- Lose here if you need to view Vulcanus' Bad End.

- Take out Vulcanus(?) early. Desco's Yog Sothoth can reach
her from the ground. Throw the Prinnies. Prinny explosions
will even set off big Prinnies. Fun times.

Part 4.F. - Episode 6 Stages

Remember to rearrange your party since Vulcanus joined.


Stage 6-1: Winter Cemetery
- Use Vulcanus to shoot the No Entry block. Throw your mages
across the map to take out the enemies before they can even
Magichange. Easy stuff.


Stage 6-2: Oblivion Hill
- Throw the blue Geoblock to clear the wall. If your units
have 3 Angel's Shoes equipped each, they can clear the
wall easily. Use AoE attacks to clear the map quickly.


Stage 6-3: Ghoul Standard
- Don't break the Purple Geoblock. It causes the tombstones
to break and summon forth more enemies. Otherwise, just kill
everything you see. Nothing too special.


Stage 6-4: Abysmal Mirage
- If you have anyone with a throw range of 6, you can throw
them across the pit. Otherwise, it's not a big deal. Just
clean the map quickly before the clones waste more time.


Stage 6-5: The Defiled
- Don't use End Turn here unless you absolutely have to.
Monsters will spawn even if your queued attacks would have
killed them off. Otherwise, easy map.


Stage 6-6: Fractured Bouquet
- Directly target clone blocks with regular attacks. If you
have three Angel's Shoes equipped on your characters, they
can scale the cliffs like it's nothing. Just finish off the
clones before they get out of hand.


Stage 6-7: Infringement
- Lose here if you need to view Axel's Bad End.

- Just beat them down.

Part 4.G. - Episode 7 Stages

Stage 7-1: Rebel Invasion
- Use mages to snipe the legendary treasure chests. The rest
should be easy.


Stage 7-2: Shard of Regret
- If you have Angel's Shoes, you should be able to scale
the sides of the walls easily. Strike them from the sides.


Stage 7-3: Busted Mythology
- Angel's Shoes allows you to scale the walls. Take out the
enemies while standing on the green panels.


Stage 7-4: Dark History
- No real special strategies here. Break the green Geo
Block and then reign chaos onto your foes.


Stage 7-5: Post-Purge Purge
- Throw Prinnies to clear the map faster.


Stage 7-6: Overlord's Test
- Use your mages to deal AoE on all four sides. This should
be a quick and easy win.


Stage 7-7: Feast of the Wolf
- Run one of your mages to the upper left corner of the map
to clear out the legendary chests. Other than that, nothing
too significant here other than a normal beatdown.


Stage 7-8: Evil Office
- Use your best AoE here. Taking out the boss early doesn't
end the battle unfortunately so just beat everything down.

Part 4.H. - Episode 8 Stages

Stage 8-1: Rising Tragedy
- Take out the Geoblocks first if you're not strong enough.
Otherwise, use your best AoE attacks here to clear the map


Stage 8-2: Deadly Elevator
- Annoying stage. Throw the enemies next to each other (and
off the Geoblocks) and use AoE attacks on them to end it


Stage 8-3: Section D
- Great place for AoE. Use your mages to take out the
monsters out of range to clear the map quickly. If lined up
correctly, mages with 7 panel AoE can take out the two
flora beasts from across the wall.


Stage 8-4: Chaos Factory
- AoE heaven. Clean out the map with your best AoE.


Stage 8-5: Section G-9
- AoE isn't too useful here due to monster positions.
Just spread out and take out whatever comes your way.


Stage 8-6: Two-Headed Dragon
- Have your casters use their spells while standing on the
base panel. Everything should be easy to take out.


Stage 8-7: Mission Improbable
- Attack the first column of Geo Blocks until you can throw
the red Geo Block down to remove the entire row of reds.
Then run down anyone with straight line AoE's.


Stage 8-8A: True Final Weapon
- Clean out as much as you can using mages before the No
Entry Geo Blocks move out of the way. Then rush in with your
melee units to clean out the boss. The battle doesn't end if
you kill off the boss so clean up the rest of the units.


Stage 8-8B: True Final Weapon
- Straight out brawl. Hope you're strong enough.

Part 4.I. - Episode 9 Stages

Stage 9-1: Gloomy Moon
- With three Angel's Shoes, your characters should be able
to scale the wall in the middle. Just jump over it and clean
up the enemies.


Stage 9-2: 3rd Colony
- Use ranged attackers like Gunners or Archers to attack the
Geo Blocks directly. Break your way through the middle and
attack the Ignition Device. Once that thing is dead, the
battle is over.


Stage 9-3: Parasite Nest
- Break your way to the middle and kill off the Ignition
Device. Once it's dead, the battle is over.


Stage 9-4: Concrete Knowledge
- Destroy the Geo Blocks on the side to remove the Silence
effect in the middle. Use your mages to kill off the enemies
but don't use End Turn or else more enemies will spawn.


Stage 9-5: Evil Heresy
- Use your ranged units to kill off the enemies behind the
No Entry panels. Break through the middle and clean up.


Stage 9-6: Sign of Demolition
- Kill as many monsters as you can before the turn ends.
This reduces the amount of magichange done. Everything else
is a straightforward beat down.

Part 4.J. - Final Episode Stages

Stage 10-1: Swarming Malice
- Just stay off the Byebye Panels and clean up the enemies.
Don't bother destroying the Green Geo Block unless you want
to make the center have the Byebye Panel effect, too.


Stage 10-2: Disaster Dimension
- Your mages can use magic while standing on the base
panel. Use them to clean out the Sludges. Easy map.


Stage 10-3: Ruler's Wound
- Use your long ranged units to take out the mages on the
pillars. Everything else is a straightforward beatdown.


Stage 10-4: Dark Mud
- Use your mages to attack the monsters from afar. Use
your healer for the giant Succubus since she's on Reverse
Damage blocks.


Stage 10-5: Deadly Option
- Those with three Angel's Shoes can scale the wall here.
If you don't have them, have a strong mage step on the Warp
Geo Block (use the Character List if you can't find it).
After that, start reigning death on the second floor. Clean
up everything else. Just remember that using End Turn will
still spawn enemies.


Stage 10-6: Boiling Point
- For the True End path, finish this stage with a level 500+
Valvatorez. Dispatching anyone else will put you back onto
the Normal End path.

- If you're solo-ing with Val, take out monsters from one
side and let the others come at you. Take them out
individually and try not to get surrounded.

- If you're doing the normal end path, clean out the
sides with AoE and be sure to kill off the monsters to
prevent them from Magichanging with their allies.

Stage 10-7A: Defying God (Normal End Path)
- Defeating the boss here will end the battle. Clean out
the enemy in front of you and rush the boss.


Stage 10-7B: Defying God (True End Path)
- You'll be surrounded by four level 1000 enemies. If you're
strong enough, take them on individually. If you're not,
take them on one at a time. Go around in a circle if needed.
Otherwise, this is a very straightforward battle.

Part 4.K. - Post Game Extra Battle Stages

Extra Battle 1: Dark Show Opening!
- To unlock this battle, clear the Post-Game and pass the
  bill called "Attend the Dark Hero Live Show" (which costs
  1,000 mana).

- Depending on your levels, this can be an easy battle or
  difficult. In either case, use AoE to take out the mobs of
  enemies quickly. Axel is level 100 so it shouldn't be too


Extra Battle 2: Love Missionaries
- To unlock this battle, clear the Post-Game and pass the
  bill called "The Love Evangelist Appears!" (which costs
  2,000 mana).

- The level 200 Flonne is encased in a heart shaped barrier
  created by Geopanels. If you can take her and the others
  out with Aoe, go for it. Otherwise, use a gunner to target
  the blue Geo Block that Flonne is standing on to get rid
  of the Enemy Turbo boost. I don't recommend taking out the
  red No Entry Geo Block since it's better to keep the
  enemies inside contained than running about.


Extra Battle 3: Volunteering!
- To unlock this battle, clear the Post-Game and pass the
  bill called "The Legendary Delinquent Appears!" (which
  costs 4,000 mana).

- The No Entry barrier between your base panel and the level
  300 Raspberyl cannot be removed. Defeat the enemies around
  your base panel and move around it. You'll probably have
  to throw someone into the green Geo Panel area in order to
  take out the enemies there. If Raspberyl is giving you
  problems, make a tower to take out the cyan No Ranged
  Geo Block and cast from the safety of your base.


Extra Battle 4: Yes! Nice-Bodied!
- To unlock this battle, clear the Post-Game and pass the
  bill called "The Nice-Bodied Appears!?" (which costs
  8,000 mana).

- Etna here is level 500. That isn't too big of a deal if
  you've been training your troops. The Prinnies on the side
  cannot be thrown, but they're easy enough to take down.
  If you want though, you can throw one of your own Prinnies
  to set them off in an explosion chain. I don't recommend
  this as they're pretty widely spread. If Etna is giving
  you trouble, I suggest you use the Lift-Sacrifice method
  to take her out (in section 4.L.).

- Don't destroy the Geo Blocks here either. They can lead
  into a near impossible battle situation (which while can
  be remedied but not worth the effort).


Extra Battle 5: From Anether World! (oh god, the pun)
- To unlock this battle, clear the Post-Game and pass the
  bill called "Another Netherworld's Overlord Appears!"
  (which costs 16,000 mana).

- No Geo effects here, thankfully. However, there is a level
  1,000 Laharl to fight. The monsters around him will dual
  Magichange with him and can make this a very difficult
  fight if you let it drag on. Use the Lift-Sacrifice method
  to take him out if he's giving you trouble. Other than
  that, this is a very straight forward battle. Just very,
  very rough.


Extra Battle 6: New Main Character!
- To unlock this battle, clear the Post-Game and pass the
  bill called "Destroy the Root of All Evil!" (which costs
  32,000 mana). This bill has a 1% pass rate so just force
  it or ultra bribe your senators.

- The level 1,500 Asagi is blocked off for two turns, allow-
  ing her to dual Magichange with two giant rifle demons.
  This makes the battle extremely difficult if you're
  underleveled. In fact, this battle can be difficult even
  if you are properly leveled. The best strategy that can be
  used here is to lure Asagi to your base panel and to use
  the Lift-Sacrifice method.

- Congrats! You've unlocked the Post-Game ending.

Part 4.L. - General Bossing Strategies

- Lift-Sacrifice Strategy -

If a boss is giving you problems, you can always try out the
Lift-Sacrifice Strategy. This strategy requires a character
who can actually deal damage to the boss in question. After
dealing damage to the boss, have a sacrifice character run
up to the boss and lift it and end the turn. The boss will
crush the the sacrifice character but will not act on that
turn. Repeat these steps by damaging the boss and lifting
the boss before ending the turn. That said, this strategy
has limited turn usage, but more often than not, it is a
viable strategy to defeat many strong bosses.

- Heart Cannon Strategy -

Have two strong melee characters in the Heart Cannon Evil
Symbol. Have those two strong melee characters surround the
boss in question. When issuing actions, do not use Execute
Action until all actions have been queued up. It's best to
leave the two melee characters to perform their actions at
the very end. With a large enough chain, your Heart Cannon
characters should be able to give the boss a severe beating
before it is able to attack. Usually, one Heart Cannon chain
is enough to take out most bosses.

Part 5.0. Legal Stuff

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use. All trademarks and copyrights contained within this
document belong to their respective trademark and copyright
holders. This guide may be redistributed as long as no
profit is to be made through sharing this guide.

Part 5.A. - Credits

- Thanks for stealing my soul again with another Disgaea.

- Thanks for hosting this document.

GameFAQs Board Members.
- Thanks for unraveling the Legendary Tree and giving way to
  the various Epilogues.


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