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Why Can't I use CPU Neptune attack?

Im having problems using the attack "CPU Neptune". I know i have to add it to a combo manually after transformation, but whenever i try to add it, it replaces it with a low level move like Drop Kick. I'm on "Find the Key Fragments", 3 Fragments obtained, Neptune's at lvl 36, with 125 AP (just barely enough to be able to use the CPU attack in a complete combo). If it matters, i transform using Dual Edge, instead of Hard Drive Divinity (HDD). Is there a plot event that will let me use the attack afterwards? Do I have to regain Neptune's memory first? How do i add this attack to a combo? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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namtap032892 answered:

I would like to point out that the skill HDD turns into CPU Neptune after transformation. And, no you do not have to regain Neptunes memory first. The first time I was able to use it was a little before she regained her memory. I have the combo set as Triangle, Triangle, Triangle (all Weapon:__), Circle (HDD). After transformation, that combo will be Triangle (Weapon:__) x3, Circle (CPU Neptune). I should probably mention that the first time I was able to activate this was after Histoire was unsealed, but before Neptune regains her memory near the end of the game.
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