Question from spidmonkey

Will the sims 3 have all the pc expansion packs?

Will it have sims world adventures and sims ambition?

Wintyrwolf asked for clarification:

Who was the expansion pack DLC confirmed by?

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jonny41177 answered:

Ummm yes. ps3 will have all the expansion packs as the pc it has been confirmed but there is no release date yet. Give it til new years probably christmas i would think.
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KyonFumo answered:

It has none of them.
Or so I've heard.
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Heathalessyl answered:

It does not have the PC expansion packs and nothing about expansion packs has been confirmed. Through the online store, I'm sure they'll add DLC stuff-packs sometime soon, but as far as actual expansion packs go, it currently does not have any and there is no information on any being released.
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kylecici answered:

The Sims 3 on console may come out with expansions, but it will probably be a download you can get from the PlayStation Store......Like (Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare) Expansion, right?
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