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Best paying job?

i make 430 dollars an hour as DNA analyst. im going to start a new character and im wondering what career makes the most?? per hour?? i want to make the most money as possible!! please let me know thanks.

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jonny41177 answered:

Don't need jobs really, just max out art n writing and write books n paint. I get $2000+ every large painting and over $40k every sunday from writing 'masterpeices'. But that's just me i'd rather not work. Oh i also bought out all 11 properties so that's an xtra $60-70k every monday.
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linker12795 answered:

World Renowned Surgeon, rank 10 of the Medical Branch, makes $2400 base pay per day, $9600 per week.
However, Astronaut, rank 10 of the Military Branch, makes $6000 base pay per day, but only works one day a week.
I took the Police Branch, and when I reached rank 10, Dynamic DNA Profiler, I made over $4700 per day through the raises I had recieved at that point.
I'd go with the Medical Branch, especially if raises aren't impossible to get.
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