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Asked: 4 years ago

Owning A Business?

How do you go about buying the deeds to the businesses about town?

Additional details - 4 years ago

So you juts need to have enough money and it will randomly ask you to buy out a business? You don't have to be in a specific career or talk to a certain someone or anything like that?

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From: jonny41177 4 years ago

No properties require anything but the $ i have all 11 properties so yea pretty sure. Every place besides a house, park, cemetary, the 4 public spots (police,city hall, library, museum) and military base can be bought. The ones that give the most weekly are stadium, hospital, and science lab, but they also cost $100k to buy out.

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Well you need the $ 1st or it won't show up, it ranges anywhere from 6k to 20k or so that's for partner then another amount for buying out your partner, then u can rename place and fire employees.

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