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Asked: 4 years ago

How to use sneak option on sims 3?

Iv tried different times sinse getting the sneak option but all i get is `it is too late to visit` does anyone know?

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1st you have to master the criminal (sneak) path, then you just go to a neighbors house click around the door and sneak, just like when the other robbers do on your house. It has to be after 10:30-4:00 or it won't work and if you still get that message in gray try a window.

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I was going to ask the same thing. I have mastered the criminal track in the thief branch (master thief) and still cannot "sneak". I tried to rob my neighbors house at 2 in the morning and it wouldn't let me. I chose look in window but all that did was show me the house... Then when I told my sim to go home he walked inside. I think that was a glitch though as he only did it once.

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Ok just like I said above I chose go home and he walked inside. He did it again. I live on 110 Easy Street (By Pity Committee Community Playground) and I went across the street to Penny Argon's house and went to her back porch. I looked in her window and she was sleeping. I canceled the look in window action and selected my sim and chose the option "go home" he walked inside the house and i told him to stop. now i'm inside her house. The burglar alarm hasn't gone off (yet) thankfully. Now i can swipe things with my kleptomanaic trait. >:D

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Do You Need The KleptoManiac Trait To Steal Stuff

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