Question from jenniehubabuba

How do i steal things with a kleptomaniac?

I have clicked on a area and pressed swipped something it told me it was in my invertory but its not there and i dont know how to do it can anyone help?


jonny41177 answered:

To steal just go to a park between 10:30-4:00 at night and you can steal up to 3 things a day.
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lamb30 answered:

Go to a place thats not your house and doesn't have anyone at it and select a spot NOT an object and the option swipe something will appear do so and they will steal a random obect from around the spot that you selected. if he/she doesn't steal the thing you want you can try 2 or 3 forget wich number of times for that day hope this helps :)
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lamb30 answered:

Almost forgot the option appears under the circumstances listed at NIGHT only.
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