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Why does the fire meter not decrease after I have demolished my entire house?

I decided to re-model a defult house on one of my saved games but no matter what my fire meter stayed in the high end even after I demolished the entire house! Could this be a glitch? It's happened more then once.

NatalieJS provided additional details:

* I have started from an empty before lot but the fire meter still stays up high.

NatalieJS provided additional details:

* I have tried with a completely new family, new lot and have built tried to build a house but again I can't even get passed the simple first floor three/four barely decorated rooms.

I have tried all of that.


DUKE95 answered:

I dont know it never hapend to me befor. you might have to load the last saved game, star over with an empty lot or move to a new location
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DUKE95 answered:

Ok so maby you should move to a differant lot than try to build a house or just start over with a new family or profile.
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MechDutch answered:

I'm guessing you only demolished the house itself, but kept all other stuff (i.e. fridge, bed, etc). The more stuff you own, the higher the fire meter gets. Try selling some stuff (especially seeds you don't use, and fruits and vegetables if you harvested those...keeping 2 or 3 each), that way you'll see the fire meter shrink again.
Also, if you move to higher value lots, the fire meter will fill up more slowly, allowing you to have more stuff in your inventory/household.

Good luck,
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