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Asked: 4 years ago

Multiple households in same neighborhood?

I cannot figure out how I can put more than one household into the same neighborhood so they can interact with each other. Anyone know how to?!

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I don't understand what u mean, please give more details. Only advice i can say is that from town view u have the option to copy your house, but i didn't try.

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You're asking about how to put different families in one neighborhood so that they'll be neighbors and have the option to interact with them if you decide to create someone you want to marry or have relationship.

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I cant figure it out either thats pissing me off

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I am having the same problem. I want the option to play as one family and then switch to another family while still having the option to interact with the original family I created - like the old Sims game had. Is this not possible in this version?

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I am pretty sure that you CANNOT have sims from multiple files that interact with each other.

Case and point: my sister and I both play on separate files. One of her files glitched up, so she started a new file with a different family living in the exact same house as the glitched file (we still haven't deleted the glitched file). Also, in my file, there is a different family living in that same house.

Neither of her files could interact with mine, though the challenges completed do transfer.

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Yes!You can!Its called moving in a packed nieghborhood.Its pretty easy will have a tiny house.The first two choices in the game are examples of this UNLESS your game has a glitch.

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No you can't have more then one house in each neighborhood. Yes you can interact with the other house in each neighborhood by going to front door knock if someone is there they will let you in. Once in you can interact with things in that house. I haven't try to enter when noone is home so I'm not sure what will happen.

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Anyone knows how to do this yet? I just got sims 3 pets and I want to put multiple households in the same neighborhood, but I don't know how...

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I believe you are only able to create one household for one profile save. So once you've made your household at the beginning you must continue with only that household you just created. You can not go back to the menus, create another then place them. The PlayStation SIMS 3 is not as flexible as the PC version

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I found one way 2 do it. Instead of 2 seperate areas, use one. Make a plain area of and used for your house, and make two houses there. They can still be big too, if you click on your house and press x on copy house. That will give you a list of houses to choose from and X the plain area of land. I did this two and I saw that I can have two diffrent houses but one household. The maximum is sill six. I hoped that helped everyone!

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