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Asked: 3 years ago

Life fruit seeds?

Anybody know where can I find life fruit seed and any rare seeds easily? Does death flower only grow on your sim's tombstone? Can you get it other way? And what do I need to do to plant food plant like patty and cheese? Sorry for the rain of question. Thanks before for the help

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Just search the ground around the graveyard, parks, beach for rare seeds. They respawn to something different every 24hrs. simtime.

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Like jonny said, you can find the rare seeds in those places, but you can even just find them around your home property. I have. I grew a life plant with a rare seed I found on my property. Just check every seed you see. To plant food plants or money trees or whatever, you need to have a Gardening level 10 Sim plant Omni seeds (forgive me, I can't remember how to get them DX I know you can't just find them) and fertilize them with what you want to grow.

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