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Level Help status answers
How do i get past " Become a Superstar Athlete"? Unanswered 0
Plot Help status answers
Ghost?! Open 3
Pizza demons? Open 2
Problem with moving into a house with my wife and kid? Open 1
Other Help status answers
(create your own question) My chess opponent won't play? Open 1
A bug in the game?? Open 3
Any way to fix these bugs? Open 2
Buying out a property? Open 1
Can burgalurs kill or steal your children toddlers or babies? Open 2
Can I get my Sim's girlfriend back? Open 1
Can I not play in other households? Open 2
Can i re-date ex-girlfriends? Open 3
Can you control more than 2 sims in the same household in the Sims 3 on PS3 or Xbox 360? Open 2
Can you control your Sim's son or daughter after your sim's die of old age? Open 1
Can you get 2 sims married, who live in the same household but are not spouce or siblings? Open 1
can't leave area while Sim is meeting death? Open 1
Cheat codes? Open 1
Do you get to watch your Sims at their work and opportunities? Open 2
Easy Money? Open 3
Growing from Toddler to Child? Open 4
How do I move other sims into my house and into my neighborhood? Open 1
How do I put fishes in a pond? Open 1
How do i steal things with a kleptomaniac? Open 3
How do u move in with a sim like a wife or best friend or some random sim? Open 1
How do you create your own house, on an empty lot? Open 2
How do you have twins or triplets? Open 1
How do you make a group serving? Open 1
How much MB is required to play this? Open 1
How to connect to EA? Open 2
How to control? Open 1
How to do business job to get meetings? Open 2
I can't get married? Open 1
I downloaded a lot off of The Exchange , How do i play on it? Open 1
I have a boyfriend named Cevin. Do I have to be a high level to kiss him? Open 2
I need help Do u guys know if you can make the sims perfect as in like never have to feed them and stuff like that? Open 2
Is it bad that when I go babysitter comes and I dont have enough money to pay him and other services that need money? Open 1
Is it multiplayer? Open 4
Is the Sims 3 Online.? Open 2
Is this a glitch? (PS3 version) Open 2
Is this game any better than the DS version? Open 1
Married help? Open 1
Multiple households in same neighborhood? Open 10
My created young adult only have 4 traits.WHAT? Open 1
My Sim won't move! Can you help? Open 3
Should I buy The Sims 3? Open 3
Should i get this game? Open 1
Sims 3 (PS3) cursor won't leave the area? Open 1
Sims ps3 How do i use my family saved in my studio? Open 1
There is a random car in my front yard how do i remove it? Open 1
Travel to sim egypt and suddenly I'm married? Open 2
Trophies in PS3? Open 1
Urn Glitch? Open 2
What is wrong with my bookshelf? Open 2
Why can't I propose? Open 2
Why do my Sims talk in a language I don't understand? Open 4

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