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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
A question for some Survival Trophies...? Answered 3
Survival Juggernauts? Answered 2
What is Panic Knifing? Answered 6
Plot Help status answers
How was Soap injured in blood brothers? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
(Can you do coop campaign?) Answered 1
100.3 % on Campaign how? Answered 2
Adjusting help and advice for online? Answered 2
Does entering Prestige reset your Weapon unlocks? Answered 1
Does MW3 have currency like black ops did? Answered 2
Does someone know how to get the arms dealer trophy? Answered 1
Does split screen have multiple profile support? Answered 6
Elite Callsign and Emblem? Answered 3
How do I change my NAT type from strict to open? Answered 1
how do i earn (The specilist) title? Answered 1
How do i get the old cod emblems online? Answered 2
How do you destroy UAV in multiplayer? Answered 1
How do you get 100% completion on spec ops, and can you do all of the missions solo and get 100% completion? Answered 1
How many create a class slots are there in MW3? Answered 3
How or when do you earn the dog tags for the strike packages? Answered 1
I need help getting some titles and emblems? Answered 2
Is survivor or spec op? Answered 6
Moving embelems? Answered 1
Multiplayer 100%, does it go back to 0% if I Prestige? Answered 1
Multiplayer AI? Answered 3
Plus man symbol? Answered 2
Prestige Mode??? Answered 2
Random weapon swithing glitch/hack? Answered 1
Secondary for snipers? Answered 2
Secret Characters? Answered 2
Sniper hybrid scope? Answered 1
Spec ops Level up? Answered 2
Tactical Nuke? Answered 5
Tokens? Answered 3
What does marksman do? Answered 1
What exactly do you lose when you prestige? Answered 2
What is the ballistic vest? Answered 1
What's the point in buying The Elite? Answered 2
Whats the max prestige? Answered 1
Why am I limited to only the original maps? Answered 1
Why do people think that MW3 is rubbish? Answered 2
Why is the MW3...? Answered 3

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