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Can someone help me please? 0
Are there unlockable maps on mw3 or is it just a rumorand how do you unlock them if there is? 1
Barrett .50 Cal or AS50? 2
Call of duty elite? 1
Can a 12 year old play Modern Warfare 3? 29
Can i link 3 PSN IDs on ELITE? 1
Can I stack Double XP? 2
can u guys lookup QuantumPeople on youtube and let me know if im good? 2
Can you get Map packs without elite? 2
Can you play Face off in Private matches or Split Screen mode? 1
Clan help? 1
Does this game have 4 player offline splitscreen? 2
How can I get two turrets in survival? 3
How can I see the number of M.O.A.B.s Ive gotten? 1
How do I take photos in-game? 2
How do I use the Face off Maps in survival mode? 1
How do you get machine gun in "All or Nothing"? 1
How do you get the pave low and Osprey emblems? 1
How many Ps3 can I download the new map pack to? 1
I cannot play multiplayer? 1
I need help doing a challenge? 1
In terminal how do i get on top of the air plane? 2
Is it even possible to reach Wave 100 in Survival Mode? 2
Is it possible to quickscope in single player or survival mode? 1
Is there multiple PSN accounts for online split-screen? 1
Killstreak count deleted after prestiging? 1
Mw3 campaing hours?? 8
Overactiever? 1
Revolver help? 2
Stinger Golden Title? 1
Super important? 1
Theater mode multiplayer ? 2
Transfer title? 1
What are the 4 ranks next to your name in the lobby? 2
what does PULL R1 mean? 1
What is the bomb in team deathmatch? 2
What is your offhand weapon? 5
What's the point of Intel? 1
Who is the one in the game box? 3
Why i cannot get the chief of scouts trophy? 4
Will I still get the extra Prestige tokens for prestiging in other CoD games? 1

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