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How do I solve cluster1?

Cluster 1 is from the subject 16, between 10 pictures and i have to pick out the templar lifestyle.

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dinokiller14 answered:

The solutions:

"Masters all. They did not work, but ruled on from high."

Well this hint means a certain person never works and orders other people to do his work.
The pictures you have to choose are:
[X][ ][X][X][ ]
[ ][ ][X][ ][X]

"Moving away from the sovereign and his crossed brow, the people take two steps forward."
Well theres only 1 piece that has a cross and thats the king. Moving 2 steps in beginning is only avaible to the pawn.

Solution: Move 2 squares up with the pawn that is above the king.

At the end, you need to search for a red dot. If you found it, press X.
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Shu_Shang answered:

There are plenty of FAQs already up on the net, and even plently more on YouTube so if this one doesn't suit you, just google a new one.

This one's from rarity guide. Google for "rarityguide assassin's creed brotherhood" and it should come up.
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