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Asked: 4 years ago

Missing Supplies?

What is the Supply located between Throwing Knives and Bullets?

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From: Vipsanios 4 years ago

You will see once you are doing one of the last misions, dont worry you are not missing anything

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I have the same problem. It is Poison/ Fast Poison. I got the problem after I finnished the Doctor's quest and got my fast poison

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I have this problem too. I've finished the game twice and am still missing the 2nd line in the supplies also im missing outfits. Ive unlocked the Auditore cape, Drechen Armour, and both Altair's robes and armour but am missing 2 others. Please help

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I have the same as soon as i got fast poison it went and locked itself and as for the outfits, Sierra_117 you are missing: Borgia cap unlocked by clllecting all flags, medici and venetian capes unlocked by compiling the auditore trail in project legacy, florance noblemen armor from uplay, desmond for completing the game and raiden for getting atleast bronze in each of the training sessions

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