Question from Paul5811

Asked: 4 years ago

How to Get To Romulus lair in the Campagna district?

How to Get To Romulus lair in the Campagna district? i go to but can only get4 ft away.i see its under ground but cant find it

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From: Shotgunman5000 4 years ago

the one under the french camp? I was able to access it after i renovated all of the aqueducts leading into the nearby landmark. go over the brick wall in the french camp and you'll see 3 horizontal poles above some water. If you renovated the aqueducts, the water will be lower, allowing you access into it. hope this helps

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Yeah idk either
maybe try youtube?

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Like Shotgun said. You need to renovate all the aqueducts before you can access it. It had me stumped for a while too.

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