Question from mlb8719

Can you play as ezio even after you finish the game?

I was wondering if you can again play as ezio even after you finished the whole story. i have been hearing that you could but i have no idea how to please help?

mlb8719 provided additional details:

Ya how would you go to the animus i cant find at main menu and cant go to story or just shows last stuff before the ending?

Accepted Answer

soulprovider17 answered:

As bigolovesmmfs said you can wrap everything up with ezios journey but you cannot leave the animus to replay the last level again, which is upsetting because that was an interesting ending and would like to see it again without having to replay the game from start to finish.
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BigOlovesMMSF3 answered:

yes after u beat the game u gain control of ezio but u cannot leave the animus and play as Desmond.
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big_boss1988 answered:

Yes you can
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