Question from Luiman04

Asked: 4 years ago

Brutus's armor?

So I got all the scrolls of Romulus then went to get the the armor, but got sidetracked and started a mission. Since the mission led me past the tomb so I got it during the mission, but I failed the mission so I started it over. Then when I started over I had the original costume on and the armor wasn't in the tomb. Even after I finished the mission it wasn't in the hideout. What happened to it? I even tried replaying theission but it didn't help.

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From: BigOlovesMMSF3 4 years ago

Welcome to the glitch which is the 3rd worse in the game. havnt heard anyway around it unless you e-mail ubisoft. sorry

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Ouch. Try Replaying the mission? I dont have any better ideas.

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