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Asked: 4 years ago

Exiting animus after beating the game?

I was wondering is there anyway you can leave the animus after you beat the game? I haven't found all the artifacts yet.

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From: ff10tidus14 4 years ago

After you beat the game there is no way to exit the animus.

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Fortunately, I don't think there's a significance for the artifacts. I collected all 5 and saw nothing special in the ending. You only need 1 out of 5 total to get the Dust to Dust trophy anyway and that's easily done in the early stages with another save/game.

Rated: +1 / -1 about the dna stream in the pause menu? cant you replay memories? thats my best guess. i dont focus on the artifacts and stuff. im sure i will one day lol i actually dont even have the game but its in my wanted list but ive research alot of stuff on this game and that was one thing i really liked about brotherhood was that you could replay memories.

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Actually memory replay is required for ful sync on some missions so yea just replay the memory and it should work

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No you cant

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Anyone notice that at the end of the game before you leave for the colleseum, all the artifacts on the shelves are gone??

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No you can't...

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You can When you finish the game the credits will begin. Leave the credits until it finishes then you don' have to even enter the animus.

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