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Asked: 4 years ago

Will there be a REAL create a Character mode?

Will there be a REAL create a character mode where i can make my own DBZ character; where i can make my own sayin/human/alien and choose whether they are good or evil? I would like to see something detailed like that in this game where they even have a seprate story for you character and you can choose what actions in the storyline you can take. There should be a level system for your character so after a certain level you change choose what you look like at that level i.e. if you were a sayin what do u look like as a super sayin or as an alian or android can you transform. Overall i just want to know if we will be able to create our own characters

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From what i know there might not be but the possibillity requires people to ask the creators.

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No its not in

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This game would be awesome if that existed but i highly doubt it. no other dragon ball z has done it before so who knows.

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Hm im sorry to say but no they didnt add that in to this game it funny how i was thinking the same thing 2day....but there a online game 4 the pc that comeing out soon it the us were u abe 2 create ur own character.

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I don't think so,,,

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That would be amazing i would buy that

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i highly Recommend writing to the creators about this great idea

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This feature is not in the game, but if you wait a few more days, the new game, Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi, will come out (Oct 18 I believe) and this game has that feature. Play on!

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