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How do I beat goku in nappas story mode?

The one where gokus health recovers and you have to beat him before raging soul runs out. And how do you use raging soul. I hate it they should have left it out?

destinydueler provided additional details:

Yeah I just beat him right after i posted the question, did the same thing you did.

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darkmuramasa answered:

That's a tricky one, cause you only have just enough time in soul mode to kill Goku. I repeatedly used the Square+Square+Square+Triangle+Triangle combo that seemed to work just well enough. But if you went though the tutorial and learn how to really used Raging Soul then you could probably kill him faster. Anytime Goku got a hit in or a power off on me I just restarted the level...Not sure if the Hypertension Time extension works for soul mode too though, but if it does that's another thing to consider.
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