Question from Tgood12

Will there be a Dragon Ball Raging Blast 3 ?

Is there ?


Yayakaboom answered:

Most likely.
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Kainkies answered:

its too soon to say but probably i mean come on they havent gotten EVERY character yet
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OniYouji answered:

Probably; I was actually kinda disappointed with this one's character roster. It's great, but...I'd still get Tenkaichi 3; it just has so many more.
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Supreme_Xion answered:

Yes, it was codenamed Dragon Ball: Project 2011.
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Byron985 answered:

Yes , there will be but the one thats coming in oct. is DragonBall Z Ultimate Tenkiachi .. better graphics , not the same buttons , people and specials .....
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supertom221 answered:

Was there a Budokai 3? Yes.
Was there a Tenkaichi 3? Yes.
Will Raging Blast have a trilogy? Probably.

It's a repeating pattern - make a DB game with new ideas-- if it fails - like Burst Limit - stop making it. If it succeeds and accepted by the fans, make a trilogy. Execute, rinse, repeat.

I hope what Byron985 said is right .

Tenkaichi had everything done better than Raging Blast except graphics and Rush attacks. but Raging Blast 2 really dumbed it down. Doing a rush is so easy it's not even funny.
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acoolguy48 answered:

No, but there is Ultimate Tenkaichi and it's coming out soon. As for rb3 we dont know yet
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