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Road to wrestlemania challenge matches?

I notice there are challenge matches in the rtwm how do i find them for each story?

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gherkin_paste answered:

vs Undertaker

Week 2 - Randy Orton (Found in top Locker room) - Backstage Brawl
Week 3 - Kozlov (Found near interview area) - Backstage Brawl
Royal Rumble: - Ziggler (found near GM's office) - Backstage Brawl
Week 8 - Big Show (Found in top locker room) - Tables Match
Week 12 - Batista (Found in middle locker room) - Backstage Brawl
WrestleMania: - The Rock (Found in Green Room) - Last Man Standing


Week 4: - Regal (Top locker room) - Backstage Brawl
Week 5: - Kane (Found in carpark) - Inferno Match
Week 8: - CM Punk (Near the Trainer's room) - Extreme Rules
Week 9: - Chris Jericho (Trainer's room) - Table Match
Week 11: - Rhodes and DiBiase (In from the carpark) - 2 on 1 Handicap
WrestleMania: - Steve Austin (Found in the Green room) - No DQ Match

John Cena

Week 4: - Sheamus (Middle Locker room) - Backstage Brawl
Week 5: - MVP (Near middle locker room) - Tag Team Match
Week 7: - Win the previous Challenge Match - Tag Team Match
Week 8: - Rhodes and DiBiase (Middle Locker room) - Backstage Brawl
Week 11: - Santino(Mid Locker room) - Tag Team Match
Rhodes and DiBiase(Top Locker room)
WrestleMania: - Vince McMahon (Green Room) - 1 on 3 Handicap

Rey Mysterio

Week 3: - Edge (Top Locker room), Jericho (Carpark) - Submission Match
Week 4: - Edge and Christian (Bottom Locker room) - 6 Man Tag
Find the object
Week 6: - R-Truth and Mike Knox (Near Trainer's Room) - Single Match
Week 9: - Randy Orton (Top Locker Room) - Single Match
Week 10: - The Hurricane (Bottom Locker Room) - Steel Cage Match
WrestleMania: - Terry Funk (Green Room) - Extreme Rules

Chris Jericho

Week 1: - The Miz (Opposite interview area) - Single Match
Royal Rumble: - Santino (In the hallway on the way to the - No DQ Match
locker rooms)
Week 7: - John Cena (Just in from the carpark) - Backstage Brawl
Week 8: - Maryse (Near the trainers room) - Divas Match
Hornswoggle (Trainers room)
Week 11: - Santino (Near Top Locker room) - Singles Match
WrestleMania: - Ricky Steamboat (Green Room) - Singles Match
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VIPER_RKO answered:

You have to talk to certain superstars during that week. Say in Christians RTWM in Week 8 you have to find Find CM Punk in the hallways near the GM's office and talk to him.
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