Question from will555uk

Asked: 4 years ago

How do you unlock the nexus?

I've looked on the online store and nexus aren't there? are they in the game?

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From: Ultimo_Phoenix 4 years ago

The Three Nexus member (Barret,Otunga, and Gabrial) Will be release early Holidays, might be somewhere around the month of December

Hope this help

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As far as i know they (nexus) will eventually be dlc on psn store but as of right now no unless you go to community creations and download created versions of them from other users. hope this helps

psn : cubekinggm

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They are coming out soon (its justin gabriel not gabrial).

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they are not in the game but certain members of nexus will be released on DLC sometime in december.

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Only three are blc

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