Question from adianu1997

what are the challenges to unlock mr.mcmahon in john cena's wrestlemania?A

i need hepl to to unlock mr.mcmahon?A


The_Rob answered:

From the FAQ:
Week 4: Challenge Match #1 (JCW4)
Week 5: Challenge Match #2 (JCW5)
Week 7: Challenge Match #3, Unlockable (JCW7)
Week 8: Challenge Match #4, Unlockable (JCW8)
Week 11: Challenge Match #5, Unlockable (JCW11)
Week 12: Unlockable (JCW12)
WrestleMania: Challenge Match #6, Unlockable (JCWM)
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UASK answered:

Week 4:Sheamus (Middle Locker Room) -Backstage Brawl
Week 5:MVP (Near Middle Locker Room) -Tag Team Match
Week 7:Win The Preivous Challenge Match -Tag Team Match
Week 8:Rhodes & Dibiase (Middle Locker Room) -Backstage Brawl
Week 11:Santino (Mid Locker Room) -Tag Team Match Rhodes & Dibiase (Top Locker Room)
Wrestlemania:Vince McMahon (Green Room) -1 On 3 Handicap
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Darkbeam164 answered:

Week 7? I don't understand that part
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The_Sam answered:

John Cena

Week 4: - Sheamus (Middle Locker room) - Backstage Brawl
Week 5: - MVP (Near middle locker room) - Tag Team Match
Week 7: - Win the previous Challenge Match - Tag Team Match
Week 8: - Rhodes and DiBiase (Middle Locker room) - Backstage Brawl
Week 11: - Santino(Mid Locker room) - Tag Team Match
Rhodes and DiBiase(Top Locker room)
WrestleMania: - Vince McMahon (Green Room) - 1 on 3 Handicap
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