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How do I unlock Mr.Mcmahon?

I'm having trouble finding a challenge in Cena's WTWM its between week 9 and 12, i already beat truth and consequences with MVP and beat Legacy with Santino, what's the challenge between those two?


midobassel answered:

john Cena

Week 4: - Sheamus (Middle Locker room) - Backstage Brawl
Week 5: - MVP (Near middle locker room) - Tag Team Match
Week 7: - Win the previous Challenge Match - Tag Team Match
Week 8: - Rhodes and DiBiase (Middle Locker room) - Backstage Brawl
Week 11: - Santino(Mid Locker room) - Tag Team Match
Rhodes and DiBiase(Top Locker room)
WrestleMania: - Vince McMahon (Green Room) - 1 on 3 Handicap
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