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Some kind of crypt?

I still have 1 secondary quest, i currently have a saved game right before the final boss (also defeated it already) But do i get to roam the world after i beat it? Of do i have to backtrack from my last save?

Its the quest about the crypt near the raven rill chapterhouse. i cant get in as well (well maybe now i can..)

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FallenOasis answered:

You have to backtrack to before you left for the spire, you can't go back at that point its a point of no return.

In order to get in you need the montbarren signet ring and the gunderic signet ring. The former is part of the main quest line so you have it, the latter is part of the gunderic manor quest line. You then insert them into two statues by the door and it will unlock. Can't just walk up to the door.
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