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How do you unlock all the wrestlers?

I get into the game and some of the wrestlers are not available to choose. they are blacked out and I was wondering what you have to do to unlock them?

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Do fantasy warfare, and use the guys you want to unlock... it doesn't take that long to get all the wrestlers

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While playing through Fantasy Warfare, select the wrestler you want to unlock by winning that particular match. If you lose, you may select rematch.

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The cheat for the Playstation 3 version is: left, triangle, down, left, triangle, square, left, square, triangle, down right, square, left, up, square, right.

For the 360 version, that code is:
left, Y, down, left, Y, X, left, X, Y, down, right, X, left, up, X, right

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Unlock NEW Wrestlers in FANTASY WARFARE, use the wrestler you wish to unlock.

To unlock the finishing moves for CAW, you must perform that finisher 10 times with that respected wrestler (example, HBK & do 10 Sweet Chin Musics) does not have to be in ONE match.

To unlock a wrestlers entrance for CAW, you must WIN 10 matches with that wrestler.

To unlock alternet attires you must WIN any PATH OF CHAMPIONS with that superstar, some have 2 or more attires, simply win any 2 POC with that superstar. Doing this will get you ATLERNATE CLOTHES, UNLOCK FINISHER & ENTRANCE for caw mode.

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Go To cheats And U Will Know

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