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Affection Lvls?

I'm on true end route & i'm at the point where gen 1 is nearly almost over, my felenne & victory's affection are at max but my aina isn't.-_- Her affection level is the one under max, so i was wondering since i already maxed aina's affection in my first playthrough (normal) & this is my new game+ true end playthrough, will i still get the true end even though her affection isn't maxed since i already have the CG and i did it my first playthrough or will i have to do battles for her affection to rise since i have 0 bath house tickets since i did all available quests. if so how many battles will it take for her affection to go from 5 almost max to 6 max? A fas reply would be appreciated thanks.

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jlee123 answered:

If you're reading the guide, you'd see that it tells you to save your tickets and use the bath game several times to max out Aina at the end. It takes a very long time to raise affection levels through battle, but I believe you're okay to go ahead with level 5 affection if you don't need the CG.
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