Question from aero_chocobo

How do i get out of the sewers that you get the light shoes in?

When i do the light dash, i only get the first 2 rings. i can't make it all the way to the top and get out of the sewer!


romeo777 answered:

You must hold down the action button for some seconds, when Sonic lights up and says "Ready...", move very close to rings while still holding button, then release it.
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Derak_Necron answered:

Being near the first ring, and facing the direction in which the ring chain flows when you release the dash is the best way to get to the top of the ring chain. This applies to all ring chains. Well at least the start of them, about the first 5 rings or so, after that you should always get to the last ring, unless you manage to get hit (which im not positive can happen unless its an Environment hazard like spiked balls) or the chain is really long (the Light Speed Attack from the Ancient Light upgrade, seems to have a duration that Sonic will try to hit and kill his targets, if it runs out of time you just drop out of the sky. So the Light Speed Dash may share this trait)

Occassionally, you will make it to the top but for some reason you do not make it over the ledge and may fall back in, so be ready to press a direction to try and correct the fall.
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Miss_Brains answered:

After you get the light shoes, you must do a light-speed dash near the red button. It should automatically activate the trail of rings. When Sonic is all blue, release button you're holding (depending on which system you're using) & Sonic should be flying up to the exit.
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