• Trophies

    There are 13 Bronze Trophies, 1 Silver Trophy, and 1 Gold Trophy.

    1,000,000 PointsScore 1,000,000 points! (Score Attack 5 Minutes)Bronze
    1,500,000 PointsScore 1,500,000 points! (Score Attack 10 Minutes)Bronze
    100 Point Pac-DotsPlay until the value of a single Pac-Dot exceeds 100 points without losing a single life.Bronze
    2,000,000 PointsScore 2,000,000 points! (Score Attack 10 Minutes)Bronze
    30 Ghosts ComboEat 30 ghosts in succession!Bronze
    500,000 PointsScore 500,000 points! (Score Attack 5 Minutes)Bronze
    All Maze VisualsBeat the game with every maze visual.Bronze
    No BombsFinish Score Attack (5 Minutes) without using a bomb!Bronze
    No MistakesFinish Score Attack (5 Minutes) with no mistakes!Bronze
    Score Attack (10 Minutes)Play Score Attack (10 Minutes) until the very end!Bronze
    Score Attack (5 minutes)Play Score Attack (5 Minutes) until the very end!Bronze
    Score Attack CompletedFinish every course's Score Attack!Gold
    SparksterEmit sparks for 1 second!Bronze
    Time Trial ClearedBeat the Time Trial mode!Bronze
    Time Trial CompletedFinish every course's Time Trial!Silver

    Contributed By: Guard Master.