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Why is the game so popular?

Look above.

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mangaman621 answered:

Because of the great dark humor and the unique gameplay. It makes to be the best puzzle game of our time.
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TheKrunkster answered:

It's aperture science, you wouldn't understand. WE do what WE must... because we can.
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SoulBlazeK answered:

For the good of all of us...
... except the ones who are dead.
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Scyther_88 answered:

Science rage.
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macserv answered:

Because it's hard to NOT like it. It doesn't have a lot of the elements that turn some players off, like twitchy gameplay, excessive violence or gore, repetitive activities, etc. What it does offer is an amalgam of the best aspects of a lot of genres. It's a really good puzzle-adventure-shooter-platformer, immense in scale, and always full of surprises.

Portal 2 also kicks the immersion up to 11. It's not just a game you play through, you experience it. It's almost if someone made a game based on urban exploration, with the classic element of the evil computer out to get you. If you take your time, there are a million little details to delight in, especially if you dug into the story behind the first game.
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Bill1982 answered:

Come ON! This is PORTAL. the best puzzle game out there. Addictive. Perfect difficulty. Lots of replay ability. Fun. Perfect.

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nthckr answered:

Because not all shooters require death and destruction. Of enemies.
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