Question from grozuyavl

Is there(in new twisted metal) any old characters from the previous twisted metals?

And is Calypso alive? I thought he was killed.
It will be great, if you will answer me, thank you.
P.s. sorry for my English, I'm from Russia, im only learning English language.

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layno11 answered:

Theres mr grimm , dollface, sweet tooth{of course}, and preacher thats all of the characters i know that are in the game.
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gamegremlin7 answered:

The Singleplayer mode will have 3 characters Sweet tooth, Dollface, Mr.Grimm. Although you can drive any car you want such as sweet tooth on a helicopter. In the multiplayer their is the 4 gangs clowns, dolls, skulls, hollymen. AKA sweet tooth dollface mr.grimm and preacher.
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MiniVampire2k3 answered:

There are a handful of originals. I havent played it much as of yet but already there is Darkside, Grimm (Reaper), Sweet Tooth, Outlaw, Warthog....and more. If you are a fan you will recognize the ones they changed the names to also
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