Question from sirdouchington1

Unlock Warthog and laser pistol through co op mode?

Just wondering if it's possible or do you need to go through single player story mode to unlock?


JuniorQc answered:

You can unlock Warthog in co-op splitscreen as i did it :)

I wish it put hope for you to unlock it!
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Joefixit21 answered:

For almost every mission your going to want to be playing splitscreen and using juggernaut and have your partner in your truck for almost all of the missions. Now for the races only have one person go out and drive its the easiest way. Now for the bosses use characters that have alot of armor. especially the last boss. On the last boss on the part where u have to drive through all of the traps, only have one person do it its alot easier that way.
Note: this isnt easy what so ever so feel free to feel very accomplished and excited when you finally unlock him.

Good luck :)
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93monhollen93 answered:

Juggernaut does less ram damage in split screen. not sure why. Just use talon and juggernaut on solo. its not that hard. Use Reaper on 2nd boss, shadow on 3rd boss. quci n easy
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