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How do I beat the end game boss?

Figured I'd give the answer as no one has posted yet.
-1st section you attack the clown head as it emerges to shoot fire. Drive in between the giant wheels for power ups and health. Once beaten, drive into the elevator.
-2nd part: drive into the bullseye to launch a thug holding a bomb. Drive into him to get him on your car. If you accidentally pick up the wrong thug, just run into a bumper to kill him. Once you have the bomb thug on your car, drive off one of the turning ramps into the clown face. Do this 3x to continue.
-3rd part: you may need a medium to high speed car for this part. I found it quite harder with a slower car. Just drive through all of the fan blades, spike balls, and axes while trying to avoid bombs. There is a health pick up half way through. This part may take a couple times to get the timing down.
-Final part: now you're in a helicopter. Ignore the clown head and shoot the flying Sweet Tooth robots. Once drained of health, they drop to the ground and turn into ticking time bombs. Once this happens, fly down and pick them up with your alternative special. Then fly them directly above the clown head and drop to cause damage. Do this a couple times to kill the giant clown. It takes a little bit to get use to, but the helicopter controls appear on the left of the screen for help.
And that's it. You've beaten the final boss. Congrats!

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