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How to get Warthog on my PSN?

So i spent loads of time with my brother playing single player story mode cuz were not always both ther to play co-op. Got gold medals on everything and unlocked lasor pistol and warthog. But we played it on my brothers psn name, and wenever i wana play multplayer online on my psn name,warthog, along with all other unlocks is not available. is ther any way to get him unlocked on my psn without having to go through all that bull***t on twisted again? I want to do this to hav my own skill rating and use my own psn name ofc.

XOMNIBUSX provided additional details:

Its pretty lame u hav to do it for each account, me and my bro took turns getting golds on twisted...


MonsieurXul answered:

New account, New save, new Vehicles.

There is no way for you to use warthog or any other vehicle online unless you unlocked it ON YOUR ACCOUNT. You will have to do it all over on your account. Whatever you unlock on any account for any game is not unlocked for the whole PS3 in your house, just the account that played this particular game, because save files and online data are tied to each accounts.
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