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Asked: 2 years ago


I've noticed that after unlocking the killstreaks online, getting several kills in one life grants bonus turbo, energy, megaguns, and more.
So, what I want to know is:
1.What does each killstreak grant? (+2, +3, +4, +5)
2.Do they repeat? As in, if I get 4 kills in one life, will it trigger the +2 killstreak twice?
3.If not, do they restart? As in, will the killstreaks start triggering again after five kills?(like +2 will trigger at 2 kills, then 7, then 12, and so on...)

Accepted Answer

From: Franners1ver 2 years ago

Killstreak 2: gives full turbo and Energy.
Killstreak 3: Same as above with mega guns
Killstreak 4: does as above doubles weapon inventory
Killstreak 5: does same as above gives RED Mega guns, dealing 2 damage instead of one.
It stays like KS 5 until you die, then you have to restart it again.

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