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Plot Help status answers
(!!!SPOILERS!!!!) Epilogue question and Plot Question? Open 1
Twisted Metal? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
"Point, Shoot, Kill" Trophy? Open 1
Can you make the ice cream truck music play while playing as Sweet Tooth? Open 2
Cannot connect to twisted metal server? Open 3
Challenge Mode? Answered 1
Cheats codes? Open 1
Cheats?? Answered 3
Concerned about glitches before purchase? Open 2
Does your skill % change from unranked games? Answered 1
Dose anyone have the code for starhawks? Open 1
Epilogue 1 and epiloge 2 locked? Open 2
Gamesave for Twisted Metal? Open 1
How can I invite a friend in multiplayer and make sure they are on my team? Unanswered 0
How do you change your name from Player 1? Open 1
How do you get axle? Answered 1
How do you get tier two unlocks for cars? Open 2
How do you use Juggernaut's Tri Gun? Open 2
How to do alternate specials? Answered 1
How to get Warthog on my PSN? Open 1
How to play as the preacher? Open 1
I cant savee!? Open 2
In twisted metal, ps3, how do u earn gold medals to unlock warthog? Answered 1
Instant death? Open 1
is it going to be in a PAL version? Open 1
Is it worth buying? Answered 1
Is there any Online co-op? Answered 1
Is there(in new twisted metal) any old characters from the previous twisted metals? Answered 3
Minion? Answered 3
No Axel code, what now? Answered 2
Sweet Tooth? Answered 3
Trophy help?? Open 1
Twisted gamesave to get Warthog? Open 1
Um did any of you even buy the game? Answered 2
Unlock Warthog and laser pistol through co op mode? Open 3
What is Skill? Open 1
What is the exact release date for this game? Answered 2
What stages and vehicles are unlocked from the start for Offline VS? Answered 1
What's it like to play offline? Open 2
Why does my redeem code not work? Open 3
Will there ever be cheats for this game? Answered 2

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