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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I solve (Train)?

I am stuck in at Underground train puzzle. I have no idea what to do, or how to operate the panel.

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From: singhellotaku 2 years ago

The note on the corpse tied up with barbed wire in the room where you get off the elevator is the clue, the note and answer changes depending on the difficulty but the note has a theme of mentioning colors, put in those colors in the order they appear in the note for the solution.

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It is red , blue , and orange .

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The sequence on the panel should be A, B, D, C.

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B D E A for hard not sure on other difficulty. If this does not work then just try jumbling it up. I assure you C is not needed for this puzzle. Just those 4 letters.

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The answer is in the note on the corpse. The complexity of the answers will vary based on difficulty. Easy and Normal are failry straight forward. On normal Smoke is a clue for grey.. FYI, while on hard cerulean is blue, just on case some of you are not familar with the color.

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